Woman’s Handbag: Complete Guide To Meet And Choose The Ideal Model For Every Occasion

With That Bag? I Think Everyone Has Already Asked That Question A Day! And There’s No Longer Any Doubt And Not To Miss! See In This Respect Everything About All Models Of Women’s Handbags. How To Choose And Use The Ideal Model To Work, Event, Club Or Social Gala.Everything According To The Dress Code. Check Out!

If there is an indispensable item in a woman’s life, this is the bag. More than an accessory to complement the visual, the bag adds very important functionality in everyday life. Especially for women, who won’t leave the House without lipstick, cell phone, keys, schedule, mirror, make, and so on.

And also the following functionality in addition to that she is an accessory that can lift the look, valuing, giving color and even leaving a more elegant depending on the bag.

Thus arose the accessory that we see today, in various ways and with appropriate and adequate models various needs and occasions. And that became key, useful, necessary to compose the looks and to meet the various demands.

What happens sometimes is that many people buy a bag thinking only on the aesthetic factor, or because it’s fashionable, or because you think “chic”. And end up forgetting that she also needs to be functional.

As in the case of a small bag, which must be used at parties, made to take few things, and sometimes end up being used in the wrong way, “got” of things. And let’s face it, nothing is uglier than using a small bag, all stuffed stuff like an Anaconda that just swallow a calf. #quedeselegante!

Each bag has your function, your feature that combine to each case, event or place and in some cases places. Some types of handbags are more casual and practical and so blend well for day to day since others are smaller and formal. Those that combine with an elegant and social production suitable for evening or formal party or gala.

And among the various models and types that exist, let’s talk one at a time on all types of women’s handbags.

Explain how and what the appropriate use, according to the Dress Code, (the code of use according to the social etiquette). So you will be able to know to choose the right model according to your need to use, each time, place, and style.

Woman’s Handbag: Complete Guide To Choose The Ideal Model For Every Occasion

Clutch Bag

Known as the bag of formal party or gala. The Clutch can be found in most well prepared with details in precious metal, which make them more elegant. Other models more malleable, with details and embroidery in precious stones, and other applications.

Every day they appear in most innovative designs, showing the strength of that item to compose looks. And despite the small size, some famous brand clutchs can cost the value of a popular car.

Wallet Or Purse Wallet Maxi

The purse wallet can be small, medium and even large, (the template called max wallet), but the main feature is that it usually has no handles, and when it has, it’s just a kind of wrist loop.

The correct way to use is to hold with his fingertips, and charming, with nails well made and well cared for. And never under the arm or hanging.

The handbags made in noble material and/or with embroidery, precious stones and are refined and elegant, are also ideal for going to the same events than the Clutchs. Weddings, formal event and parties in General.

As well as the Clutchs, there are models of famous brands made with all glamour and luxury required for gala events.

Envelope Bag

Has no handle on most versions, as well as in the case of purse wallet. Its main feature is the tab-close, which has been the subject of changes in design, giving greater diversification to the bag.

Can also be used at parties and events, such as purse wallet. Provided they are made in refined material, as the event requires.

Lap Strap Bag-Classical/Small/Large

Bag Chanel 2.55 Model – The Lap Strap Bag Classic

This model did a revolution really, because this was a bag that could be charged to strip lap. Crossed or hung along the body, the Iconic Handbag is an emblem of a brand synonymous with luxury and savoir faire, and is worthy of respect that receives and the Legion of fans that the devoted and devotes to this day.

Made with refinement and good taste, with a strap made of interlaced chain leather matelassado.

It was then a true revolution! A bag that could be charged to strip lap. And all this with lots of charm. The handle was not any strip of fabric and a current that became one of the emblems of the brand: small and rectangular, leather matelassado, the 2.55 is easily identifiable.

The Chanel bag is a classic case, and I’m also a supporter (although not yet have one, but want to), I think they should all have! It’s a timeless bag, never goes out of style, worth the investment because it’s for life! You can stop inheritance to daughters and granddaughters, because she will be able to be used forever as long as it lasts.

Include in the category of transversal shoulder bag handbag. It’s a timeless bag model that goes well with almost everything.

The traditional bag that bears the name of the brand is usually square and with current crafted handles. She is versatile because it allows you to be used with a more stripped style Hi-Lo too, (minus the sports) or also for a formal event, to go out at night and for almost all parties.

Some famous to wear on the red carpet at gala evenings, but is not the most suitable for this. You know, celebrity likes to break rules, some or many really want is to show that they have, so not to be entirely inelegant because it is a desire and with stock status “chic”. But in this case the ideal would be a model clutch or wallet with stylish finish as we talked.

Small Shoulder Bag

The shoulder bag is a small bag, but has a handle. The handle can be long or short. Some bags have the option to remove the handle, so as to shorten it. When removing the strap, the bag that has this possibility become a clutch or purse wallet.

This is a very practical and useful model of scholarship, both for use in the daytime as at night to go to a bar or ballad where you do not want to be holding the bag. The bag is small and with long handle. You can use crossed, which makes it an excellent choice for dance, using and keep your hands free.

Some models come with removable straps to use both ways, as in the case of the classic Louis Vuiton. I have a model of these and I think it’s very practical, versatile, that blends well into a more elaborate production for evening or on a Hi-Lo style production, with basic jeans and t-shirt where the accessory raises the look.

Large Shoulder Bag

Very well known and widely used by women in informal events, she is practical and considered basic. The format may be different and the material with which it is made also. And in this regard, the better the more formal material the bag becomes. What in the case makes it more suitable for a night event.

Due to your utility is typically used in everyday life. Size can vary between medium and large, and normally women who like practicality, are adept at this style of bag.

Trunk Bag

They are versatile, practical and stylish at the same time. The your average size allows it to be used by women of all biotypes, also offers a good internal space that can be used in everyday life, to work and even in informal party.

Its main feature is the rounded shape that resembles a trunk. In General, their handles are short, which causes her to have to be carried in the hand. Can be used both in everyday life, in flashy colors or stamped, at night and in non-formal situations with a more neutral color, sober or details as textures or applications.

The trunk bags are a great choice for those who like to keep things during the day by day but also prefers a purse with a more refined and classic to enhance the production, after all accessories are key to this.

Handbag Satchel

She is currently in fashion, has been widely used by women in General. Its main characteristic rectangular shape, short double handles and their models tend to be very structured.

For being a scholarship, most of the time, the largest, it is most often used for events such as inaugurations, business meetings, to work where the costume needs to be more elegant. Also ideal for those who need to carry more things in the bag.

-Bucket Bag Handbag Bag

Normally, only has a handle and can be handled in the arm, shoulders or on hand for the handle. This can be used in any informal situation, depending on the particular size.

When it is smaller and more sophisticated, can be used at parties and fancy events that are not formal or black tie. When is bigger and more relaxed, is more used to the day to day how to go to College, shopping, etc.

Mailman Bag/Messenger Bag

As the name implies, the courier or postman stands out for your functionality. Has various sizes, but overall are bigger, have handles and dividers that ensure organization and a good use for the day to day.

This style of bag is widely used among women as men, primarily for the work in which you need to upload many documents, such as lawyers, for example. For being a great help in time to get a lot of things inside, she is widely used by also by students, they always need to carry many items and typically need to keep their hands free, to take the bus, subway.

This type of bag is better suited for the work or used in informal moments, blend well for a casual look, work, everyday life or walking during the day and should not, therefore, should not be used for parties, ballads and social events.

Totem Bag/Shopper Bag

Sports practices and this type of handbag suits looks more relaxed and light. Despite the simple appearance, some have more elaborate and noble materials, however that doesn’t make her a scholarship.

Some models have fringes or animal print, prints that are adaptations of fashion trend.

Boho Bag

The bag is perfect for sports day to day, and for informal tour. Depending on the material with which it is made it can become a bag more or less flexible and can even be used to look for work. But even being made with a nobler material she also cannot be elevated to the rank of a social stock exchange.

Tip: When your bellows is firm and large, tends to fatten up the silhouette at hip. So the short and overweight women should avoid them.

Backpack And Mini Backpack

It is ideal for a casual look for day to day, but depending on the material with which it is made it can become a stylish accessory to lift a look more stripped down, as is the case of leather backpacks, well prepared and refined finish.

Meet well everyday, demand for school, work, and to go shopping or stroll.

Out these bags could talk of the beach bag, for who’s going to take a boat tour and such. But usually people use the straw handbags, which are the most suitable for the ride. So these are the kinds of handbags that we should talk. The others are variations of these same types, models with some few modifications, larger or smaller models.

And if you have any questions just consult the description of each of the types above and check which one to your bag fits. Then you will be able to evaluate whether it is more appropriate for a party, for example, or not. If she is a beautiful and well made but bag is just a beautiful shoulder bag that can go to informal events, and so on.