Victorinox Introduces News On Line Architecture Urban

The Swiss brand Victorinox Travel Gear innovates and combines practicality with sophistication, by launching the line Architecture Urban models. Recognized by the versatility of the pieces, the line has models perfect for all day to day activities.

The bags and backpacks from the collection Urban Architecture are made with eco-friendly diaper Nüwa ®, produced by a process that uses 70% of recycled water, totaling 30 percent less water that global industries, with details in napa leather 100% genuine.

The models have several pockets and organizational panels, besides the possibility of expansion. The pieces also allow you to change the way you use them, like backpacking or folder, which makes it even easier handling. Another differentiator is the Swiss system Tracker, which finds the case anywhere in the world, to provide security and tranquility in the transportation of the accessory.

The Brunswick is ideal for those who like to have everything organized, perfect for today’s professionals quenecessitam a folder that suits your lifestyle. The model has compartment for laptops up to 15.6 inches and pockets for mobile devices up to 10 inches. The outside has two large storage pockets and a zippered pocket bigger, with multi-purpose Organization Panel. In addition, the bag has a zippered front pocket and quick access pockets with magnetic closures, perfect for storing documents. The handles of the zippers were inspired by the Swiss Army penknife with water-resistant protection Strip. The handle is removable and adjustable fits user needs.

Already the model Dufour is ideal for those who need a medium bag that suits different lifestyles, with pockets for storing up to 13 inch laptops and electronic products up to 10 inches. The big difference is that the model can be transported in many ways: as a backpack and Briefcase, horizontal or vertical. This 3:00 pm model 1 is perfect for those that are constantly connected to a laptop, tablet or smartphone always by hand, offering extreme convenience. The handles are removable and padded, and the zippers have track for water-resistant protection. This model is extremely versatile and perfect for any situation of the day.

Already the play Wilson is a mailman bag compact, ideal to carry all the accessories daily, offering perfect mobility. Carries an electronic device up to 10 inches. The outside has a quick access Pocket, and two multi-purpose pockets for everyday items such as wallet, phone and pens. In addition, the model has scalability up to 3 cm and has adjustable shoulder straps and removable padded. As well as the other parts, the zipper is inspired by Swiss Army knives and is water-resistant.

For who likes of compact models and don’t give up your belongings around, theLombard model is ideal. The accessory has a compartment with protection for storing a mobile device of up to 11 inches. The inside includes two multi-purpose pockets and a zippered compartment. Already on the outside, has quick access, rear pocket with magnetic closure and adjustable straps.

About Victorinox

In 1884, Karl Elsener founded, in a town near the Swiss Alps, Victorinox, a cutlery workshop to produce knives. The name of the new company emerged from the junction of the name Victoria, mother of the founder, and stainless steel, in reference to the stainless steel used on the blades and accessories of the knives, which were initially created for the exclusive use of the Swiss Army soldiers.

The idea of offering a compact product and firm, with various functions combined into a single tool, revolutionized the market and became a legend. Since then, the brand stands for excellence in multifunctionality and innovation of its products. Today the company is run by the fourth generation of the family, with Carl Elsener Jr. in front of the business, and offers consumers six lines of products: Pocket knives, watches, cutlery, bags, perfume and clothes. Victorinox is known by millions of people around the world, who associate the brand typical Swiss values such as the quality, functionality and iconic design.