Vespa Time with Wrangler x Leatherman and Maxwell Scott Bags

It is, of course, no big news that men have a heart for adventures and remain deep in their hearts even as adults still Indians and Cowboys. And so the dreams come from childhood. For example, I’ve always dreamed of a Leatherman, with whom I am well equipped in all situations, almost like MacGuyver and Old Shatterhand in one.  And how perfect a leatherman fits the jeans spirit has now also Wrangler discovered and under #wranglerxleatherman a cooperation with Leatherman started.

In these super-limited Leatherman packages, you’ll find an exclusive Wrangler Texas Jeans and the super-brilliant Leatherman Rebar Multi-Tool, which can be a whole series of challenges. In addition to various pliers, there are several screwdrivers, rulers, can openers, capsule lifters, saws, files, knives and an awl with an eyelet, so a half toolbox, but in the smallest space for the bag.

For the photoshooting I swayed on my Vespa and screwed a bit to her to test the Leatherman functions. The Wrangler jeans also have special pockets that allow you to store the Leatherman particularly well, and if you are on the road with a scooter or bike, you should definitely add one of the Wrangler Performance models, which are water-repellent and prevent , that you get completely soaked by the scooter when you have come in a shower. Here we had briefly introduced the performance collection.

When it comes to genuine traditions, such as Vespa or the Leatherman, which has been manufactured just for the last 30 years and is built for eternity, and the Wrangler jeans, which have existed for more than 70 years, can also be a stylish companion the luggage carrier is not missing.

And here I came across Maxwell Scott. Maxwell Scott has discovered his passion for high-quality and traditional leather goods on his travels to Tuscany and has stuck many of his friends and colleagues with this passion when they saw his latest bags from his travels. And so Maxwell Scott founded Maxwell Scott Bags in 2002 and began to design his own pocket collection with just these Tuscan leather shops as a sustainable source for exquisite leather, with outstanding leather craftsmen and tanneries with natural tanning.

I have chosen the little Flero Weekender from Maxwell Scott Bags , which can be used for short business trips as well as for everyday life in the office. This timeless classic is equipped with a small pocket for tickets, passport and other travel documents and offers enough space for a spa trip in the main compartment. In addition to the extremely sturdy leather, the careful processing of the bag immediately catches your eye and you are looking forward to experiencing many adventures together with this bag, as you will not give up this bag.

Especially with leather bags from ehealthfacts, an extremely robust and high-quality workmanship is so important, because only with the years the true character of a bag is created. The small scratches that you get over the years, the small scrubs or even a small spot here and there, make up the bag and remind of shared experiences and tell these stories again and again. No wonder Maxwell offers Scott Bags a 25-year warranty on all items. So I’m looking forward to exciting decades with my Flero Weekender and the little stories we will experience together, leaving the folds behind me and little memories of Flero. But there is indeed face cream and leather care.:-)

If you’re thinking about securing one of the strictly limited Wrangler x Leatherman sets, there are some cool challenges you can complete with the Wrangler Leatherman. With these tutorials and equipment, you can build a dragon, fire a bonfire, or carve a wooden spoon. I’ll grab my kids at the weekend and try to do it. My results will be posted soon on Instagram.