The Small Bag of Adaptable Accessories by Peak Design-"The Field Pouch"

The Small Bag of Adaptable Accessories by Peak Design-"The Field Pouch"

In beautiful contrast I decided when choosing the peak design field pouch for the sand-coloured variant, while I had chosen for the shoulder bag, the peak design everyday Messenger, to the grey version. The Sand-coloured/light brown I like about the small bag of accessories but very good.

The Small Bag of Adaptable Accessories by Peak Design-"The Field Pouch"

The Field Pouch is supplied as well as the Everyday Messenger in a paper bag sewn to. My pouch was on my delivery of directly with it, because I wanted to use both together. The user the himself had ordered the Messenger bag from peak design in the Kickstarter project, had received the small pouch directly. Now, you can buy them separately and combine with other bags or backpacks.

This I now have quite some time with me and wants to tell just about what I carry everything in you.

PSU notebook

Power cord to the power supply

256 GB USB flash drive

Tokens for VPN

three micro USB cable

Power supply for USB cable (for example, Smartphone)


HDMI-VGA adapter for the projector

Business cards

Headache pills (not I who needs… but we know never…)

Pocket knife

On the enclosed box is clearly to read:

The field POUCH

Expandable Businesswomen Pouch

… and I can confirm that only really – the small can remain small, but also can grow with the contents. The many small pockets that can be connected to the part even with a concealed zipper, one very helpful from this accessory bag no “handbag” is in the man a sign needs. Sorry ladies…

The Velcro holds up very well and is yet not too loud, it evokes so that colleagues in the meeting. The Field Pouch is both Businesstauglich in the Office as of course according to your determination in the camera bag. I very like the small part and will get me another one I think. But then a grey…

On the back of the small accessory bag to find two click parts can be combined with the belt system by peak design and thus can make a small shoulder bag from it. Thought!

Straps for mounting on the belt are available as well as even a small loop for the Temple of the sun glasses on the front on the back. Awesome implemented.