The Perfect Diaper Bag? Bugaboo x Caviar Gauche

Why does this co-op please come now? Grrrrr! Now I don’t need this anymore. Baby Office has been clean for years. Yes, I’m going to walk around here, instead of saying what it’s all about. So: My favorite manufacturer of prams Bugaboo has teamed up with caviar Gauche and developed a stylish diaper bag with the name “the Madeleen”.

The aim of the collaboration, according to the press release, was to develop less a diaper bag in the classical sense than to design a must-have for modern women. An all-rounder with plenty of space for ipad and makeup – but also for toys and diapers. For women and mothers, where fashion and style are just as important as functionality.

“The Madeleen” combines a classic trapezoid shape and a match bag look. The black Patchworkstil, which is typical of caviar gauche, is made of smooth nappa and soft suede.

Special attraction: A zipper separates the floor (container for diapers, changing mat, cloth etc.) from the rest of the bag. According to ejewelry, this makes it easy to reduce the size of your bag without the need for a child. Inside there is also a removable mini bag with various inner pockets (for Babycreme, wet wipes, toys, finger puppets, etc.). The bag closes up via push buttons and a leather cord (important in big cities with thieves everywhere), two pockets on the side are open to the top – for quick, straightforward access.

“The Madeleen” appears in a worldwide limited edition of 300 and has been available since November 2013. The price with 790.00 is not necessarily a bargain, but Doe’s issue is worthwhile in my eyes, because the bag looks good even after the pram time and also without baby accompaniment.

It is available via and in the caviar Gauche store in Berlin (Line Street 44, 10119 Berlin). More retailers can be found on the website.

By the way:the eponym is Madeleen Klaasen, chief marketing officer at Bugaboo and fan of caviar gauche.