The 2.55 Chanel, Travelogue

If we speak of Chanel There is a bag of those mythical which are part of the history of the French maison: the 2.55. As well, a partner Vogue has received one of these wonders as a gift of ordered (what better than a Chanel …) and allowed us to see this impressive handbag inside.

It is small, true, is rectangular; almost always in black, and recently there was a Special Edition. This small bag was created by Coco Chanel (which feel like I have watch the movie on it) in 1955, so women would have free hands, as was the custom of the time go with hand bag.

This work of art takes 18 hours, and up to 15 people in their process, with more than 180 stages to make the 20 centimeters of padded leather.

The inside the 2.55 is not black, it is color Bordeaux, Burgundy according to Chanel. Inside, two small pockets, with one special lipstick (so feminine all …).

If you look, the tab with the logo close bag, nothing is lost and that there is no zipper. There is also a nearly hidden in the outside pocket. I’m not a fan of golden chains, but the skin, and this model mythical van United can get up to in two positions, short or shoulder bag.

Do you think the? Chanel 2.55? Although the reissue in Alligator skin It is awesome, I’ll stick with the classic model, without hesitation.

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