Suitcases & Bags Prada Customizable: Need More Options for The Initials

Today I woke up splendid and I decided to give my colleagues a suitcase or a Prada bag with their initials. The online customization service trolley, hobo bag, backpack and other similar articles is very easy to visualize.

For Laura Martin, the shopping bag SUV in black color. So you can reach all the appointments and meetings his busy schedule of cosmopolitan and not lose sight of it. You are lucky because his initials combined (espero que te guste green).

The two other possibilities of color are the printed camouflage. For Julia Vidal I have chosen that of brown background. But the colorful of their initial hits him nothing. Not to the design of the bag or among them. (bad luck, Julia, sorry).

They don’t have to match in color or much less, grace is precisely in that are of a different color. But you can not choose it, there is the failure.

Here you can see the Prada alphabet available. The trolley is the article I’ve chosen for me because I have a terrible desire to go on holiday. The third possibility, the military print in grey, and my initials do not stick or asking for it please.

In short, my joy in a well. The most versatile option is the canvas in black. But a trolley in military made me hope to go to a far away country with untouched nature and discover its secrets. I have to decide yet the destination so that you can you get while to order it with my initials in the color I choose. I’ll ask him!