Sponsorship Explanations Part 4

Advantages and disadvantages of sponsoring for companies at a glance


Target group

Sponsoring offers the opportunity to contact the target group in an environment that is not commercial. That creates a relaxed atmosphere because there is a positive environment.


With sponsorship it is possible to appear mostly without competition and only advertise yourself, your brand or your products.

Image transfer

The better the image of the organizer, the better the image transfer will be for you.


In some industries it is not allowed to advertise. This includes, for example, lawyers and doctors. With sponsorship, however, it is possible to bypass these communication barriers and to reach such groups without advertising.


Price-performance ratio

It is very difficult to measure the price-performance ratio in sponsorship. Your goal is to get more public and some media exposure. But there is no guarantee of that.

Environmental conditions

You cannot influence the conditions in the environment yourself. For you this means that an event you sponsored can also go completely wrong. But that also means that the hoped-for image transfer will turn out to be negative.

Success control

It is very difficult to monitor the success of your sponsorship. It would have to be done on a scientific basis, it costs a lot of time and effort and therefore money.

If you value the advantages and disadvantages against each other, you will come to the conclusion that the price-performance ratio for sponsorship cannot be precisely estimated in advance. It is difficult to measure whether this is profitable for you. It is therefore important for you to check carefully whether you can really achieve a so-called win-win situation with sponsorship .

From the inquiry to the contract – this is how sponsorship works

If you look at our examples of sponsoring, you will find that the four main goals, awareness, authenticity, sympathy and image, are achieved very well. All of these goals are linked to a brand through sponsorship. Sponsoring presents itself as a communication measure that is less effective than is the case with other campaigns.

But sponsorship has the great advantage that its effect is more lasting and subliminal. The customer always links his football club, for example, to the name or brand of the sponsor. What turns out to be a great advantage can also quickly have a negative effect. Let’s stay with the example of a football club. If the sponsor is constantly losing, showing poor performance and is at the bottom of the table, this negative mood can also have an impact on the sponsor.

Sponsorship of events and events

According to POLYHOBBIES, many smaller sponsors forego the large sponsorship and therefore prefer to choose events or events for their activities. But this also has advantages and disadvantages. It is positive that the risk of damage to the company’s image can be significantly reduced. The disadvantage is that there are far fewer options for sponsoring. But the chances are not bad for you to achieve your goals this way.

Who should be sponsored?

If you have decided to become a sponsor, you have to start planning for it. The first question you will ask yourself is who should actually be sponsored. If the target groups of sponsored and sponsor do not match, you will have little chance of success. So you have to think about which target group comes into question and whether this not only fits the product or service, but also your corporate culture. The following questions can help you in your search:

  • Which attributes are associated with your brand?
  • What about the positioning of your brand at the moment and what should it look like in the future?
  • As a sponsor of an event, can you reach the right people?
  • Does the event fit the message of your company?
  • Is the “cultural fit” right and does the partnership really look authentic?

Of course, those looking for a sponsor also have to ask themselves similar questions.

What is a sponsorship pyramid?

A sponsorship pyramid is a theoretical construct. With this construct it is possible to display and describe a graduation of certain packages in the context of sponsorship . The main sponsor is at the top of the pyramid. Then the following other very important sponsors, which are not only awarded once. The further down it goes, the broader the sponsorship packages are, but they still play an important role.

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