Sponsorship Explanations Part 3

Example savings bank

The Sparkasse acts as a sponsor in many areas with particular commitment . There is also sponsorship for areas in the whole area of ​​Germany. Nevertheless, the individual savings banks in their regional areas are very strong with financial support. The following are a few areas in which the Sparkassen-Finanzgroup can be found as a unit in the sponsoring sector:

Area Type of sponsorship
Sports In the field of sport, the Sparkassen-Finanzgroup is one of the largest non-state sponsors. The support extends to both popular and top-class sport.

  • Olympic team supporter Germany
  • Supporter of the Paralympic Team Germany
  • Promotion of elite sports schools
  • Sponsor National Sports Badge
Arts and Culture Employment in the field of art and culture in various local engagements

In addition, sponsorship through funding projects from the Sparkassen-Kulturfond throughout Germany. After the public sector, the Sparkasse is the largest sponsor of culture.

Financial education School and extracurricular offers to promote sustainable financial education. Completely without advertising and free of charge for every participant. This includes the following offers:

  • Sparkassen-SchulService
  • Advisory service money and budget
  • Stock market simulation game for pupils and students
  • German start-up award for schoolchildren
Support for science Sponsoring in the field of science is also very strong in Germany. Therefore there is

  • Grants
  • Prices
  • grants
  • Creation of endowed chairs
Foundation, endowment Every 28th foundation in Germany can be traced back to the commitment of the Sparkassen-Finanzgroup. These foundations can be found in the following areas:

  • Sports
  • science
  • Arts and Culture
  • Social
  • environmental Protection
  • Community foundations

What goals do companies pursue with sponsorship?

Perhaps, as an entrepreneur, you have already dealt with the topic of sponsorship. If not, you must first check whether you also meet the requirements for successful sponsorship. Only then can you think about what goals you want to achieve with it. As a rule, the following goals are pursued:

Increase in awareness

According to HOWSMB, this goal is very popular with many companies. As an entrepreneur, you use the sponsorship services offered by the sponsored as advertising . You can use it to draw attention to the brand of your company or to products or services. The extent to which you can increase your level of awareness naturally also depends on the reach of the sponsorship. But a great opportunity even for regionally active companies.

Image transfer

With an image transfer you want to achieve that the image of individuals, Organsiationen, clubs or events at your company is transferred . Sounds easy, but it isn’t, because there are a few factors to consider.

  • Such a transfer is usually only possible to the target group that is addressed by the sponsorship.
  • You need to know the state of the company’s image. Before you start a possible sponsorship.
  • As an entrepreneur, you can precisely state the target state for the company’s image.
  • You need time and patience for the image transfer. This cannot be achieved overnight and usually requires a long period of sponsorship.
  • You can only achieve an image transfer if the sponsored person also has the expected characteristics that are important to you

Achievement of sales and sales

If you want to generate either direct or indirect sales or sales through sponsorship, this depends on two factors .

  1. Depending on the target group of the sponsored and their size
  2. Depending on your products or services from your offer

Maintaining contacts in the B2B area

Your sponsorship can you use this in the Business to Business, to either your existing to maintain contacts , expand or make other . But it is important that the sponsored person provides you with the necessary platform. This can be a VIP room or a box, for example.

Customer loyalty in the B2C area

In the area of ​​business to customer, your sponsorship helps you to bind customers more closely to you . Competitions or raffles are ideally suited for this, for example, at sponsored events. If you have very important end customers, you should invite them to this event.


It is becoming more and more difficult for companies in Germany to find skilled workers and then to bind them to the company. Maybe you know this problem too. For this reason, companies have discovered the sponsoring platform for this purpose. This gives you the perfect opportunity to present yourself as an attractive employer.

Show social responsibility

For you as a company, sponsoring is also a very good opportunity to show your social responsibility . Especially at large events you can meet opinion leaders from politics, sport, business and many other areas. This could also be of interest to your customers or potential customers.

Is sponsoring a marketing tool?

Sponsoring is a perfect marketing tool. You don’t have to think of sums in the millions or even higher, as they are now ubiquitous in many areas of sport. No, sponsoring on a small scale is also perfect for your marketing.

On the one hand, you make your brand better known, but you can also find customers more easily by providing your products. Since sponsorship is very recognized in society, it can even be more successful than is the case with traditional advertising. Sponsoring can also have the advantage that you can reach your target groups much cheaper.

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