Sponsorship Explanations Part 2

Performing Arts

  • operetta
  • Opera
  • cabaret
  • musical
  • Dance and ballet
  • play

Visual arts

  • sculpture
  • painting
  • Graphic design
  • plastic
  • Urban art
  • design
  • photography
  • architecture


  • Books and magazines


  • Light music
  • classical music


  • Theater festivals
  • Film festivals
  • Music festivals

Architecture and art maintenance

  • Maintenance of customs
  • Maintenance of monuments
  • Home care


  • Television productions
  • cinemamovies
  • multimedia
  • Video
  • Scripts

Environmental and social sponsorship and science sponsorship

With this type of sponsorship, tasks in the social and ecological area can be improved . This is done through the provision of benefits in kind or financial resources, but also through the services of companies. However, they not only strive for the improvements mentioned, but also hope to have a direct or indirect impact on their own culture in the company as well as an impact on marketing and corporate communication.

In addition to the idea of ​​funding, the focus is always on being aware of your ecological and social responsibility. In this area, a company can only act as a sponsor if it exemplifies the values ​​and topics it supports.

According to HEALTHKNOWING, the sponsor pursues the following goals with environmental and social sponsorship as well as science sponsorship :

  • Product marketing
  • Development of new target groups
  • Responsibility to society
  • Customer loyalty in the B2C area
  • Image transfer
  • Recruiting new staff

Environmental and social sponsoring can take place in the following areas:

Social and independent institutions

  • Welfare organizations
  • Funding for certain socially relevant issues (Caritas, Red Cross, Aktion Mensch etc.)

Religious institutions

  • Churches
  • Church facilities (kindergartens, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.)
  • Faith communities

Institutions under state control

  • Social welfare offices
  • Hospitals
  • Welfare and youth welfare offices
  • armed forces
  • Emergency services
  • Health authorities
  • Etc.

Environmental institutions

  • Environmental alliances
  • Environmental and nature conservation organizations
  • Citizens’ initiatives to protect the environment
  • Etc.

Institutions for science and education

  • Universities
  • Universities of applied sciences
  • Adult education centers
  • Research facilities

Political institutions

  • Parties
  • Foundations with party affiliation
  • Unions
  • Political associations and associations

The social media sponsorship

Sponsors also have to do justice to the changes in the behavior of their target groups. This is one reason why social media sponsorship is becoming more and more important. This type of sponsorship has become an important tool not only for the younger generation. It helps in improving fan interactions, selling tickets and of course merchandising. Football is still one of the areas in which the most sponsorship money flows. It’s not because football is the most interesting and beautiful sport. But football is a national sport and therefore also noticed by the masses of people.

But the fans are changing. Stadium newspaper or perimeter advertising is attracting less and less attention. FC Bayern Munich was the quickest to recognize the potential of social media marketing in the field of soccer. He founded his own social network and created his own TV channel. The club serves around 80 million followers via its social media channels. And it is precisely these platforms that are therefore becoming more and more interesting for companies. In 2017/2018, FC Bayern even became social media champions ! There are specially reserved advertising spaces for the club’s sponsors. This example shows how interesting sponsoring on channels like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. is and is becoming more and more important.

Practical examples for successful sponsorships

Example Puma

Recently, Puma has grown faster than Nike or Adidas. Puma is therefore becoming more and more of a threat to these two competitors. This growth is also due to the company’s targeted sponsorship. Although Puma is a small company with disadvantages compared to the two aforementioned Nike and Adidas, it makes up for this with a very clever sponsorship .

The thickest fish was made by Puma a short time ago. The company has managed to replace its competitor Nike as the supplier of Manchester City. At the same time, a contract was signed with the City Football Group, which includes sponsorship with five clubs on four continents. At the same time it was ensured that the partnerships in basketball were not only expanded in the huge market in the USA, but also deepened in Germany in the domestic BBL. With its sponsorship, Puma primarily wants to reach young people as a target group. The following activities are particularly exciting:

  • Kit deal with Manchester City
  • Sponsorship agreement with the City Football Group for another 5 clubs on 5 continents
  • Increased involvement in basketball in the NBA and the BBL
  • Close cooperation with influencers from the fields of fashion and lifestyle

Sponsorship 2