So a Compagnon Backpack Can Go Quite Nicely

“A heavy, fully loaded photo backpack is just what if you”can’t turn it off on the hips””

… they told me last week after I published my post to the compagnon backpack .

I guess. I myself like no hip belt, which is probably due to my “Hüftfreien” body, but I can understand the above thought enough. That’s why I think (I did keep him Yes!) Compagnon backpack my daughter buckled and made by you a few pictures on CANCERMATTERS to show them to you.

The waist is not as we know it from other photo backpacks made thick and bold charging, and always in the way, just in the car or on the plane, where it constantly hangs trying to go through the ranks on the seat with the belt while you. Rather, this belt is small, handy and also quickly mounted and hung out and can be stored in the side pocket of the back pack, if you do just don’t need him.

Positive to mention, I also find that you must buy this belt not as with other manufacturers always flat with when you the don’t need, but it can optionally configure at compagnon, if one has a need for a hip carrying unit.

The belt, the lock, and also the metal constructions and hanging out at the back pack make a very sturdy impression on me.

Also like me – if I even use a belt!

Love – your Fotofuzzy – Jörg Langer