Sharing Explanations

Sharing, from the Latin compartīri, is the action of distributing, distributing or dividing something into several parts. In this way, the common enjoyment of a certain resource or space is possible.

For example: “I’m going to share my ice cream with you”, “I’m sad because Celeste didn’t want to share her toys with me”, “The square belongs to all citizens: no one can refuse to share the space.

All this without forgetting that within the real estate field the term in question is frequently used. And it is common for two people to share a flat. Fundamentally, this is an action carried out by young people who live away from home and who are in need of renting a home. As the rents are especially high prices, they make the decision to share expenses and household among several people.

In addition to all the above, we have to underline that sharing is a very important term within the Network. More precisely, we could establish that it is one of its pillars. And it is that the essence to a large extent of the Internet is that it offers the possibility of sharing information, documents, audiovisual files or photographs between different users.

Thus, for example, there are spaces where what is done is to share data about a specific event and there are also others who choose to offer their visitors all kinds of audiovisual files for their use and enjoyment.

In the same way, it should be stated that basically that is the essence of social networks. And it is that in them what any user does is share with the rest of his followers both photographs and opinions, information and ideas. Hence, Twitter, Facebook, Tuenti or Instagram have become very useful tools for all artists or athletes, you can use them to be in permanent contact with their fans.

The notion of sharing implies a free concession of use, a gift, or a donation. In general, to share something you must first have it: a child cannot share candy if he does not have any under his belt. In case you have five candies, you can eat two and share the remaining three, which will be seen as a show of generosity or companionship.

The tendency to share is considered a positive value. Whoever shares what he has with others is generous and kind. Otherwise you will be marked as greedy or selfish. There is a tendency to think that those who have more resources should share more, since it does not cost them too much to get back what they share.

In certain contexts, sharing is a social need that even exceeds the protagonists of the action. Various organizations encourage vehicle owners to share vehicles in order to reduce the presence of cars on the streets and thus minimize polluting gas emissions. From the environmental point of view, it is preferable that three people travel in the same car than each of them travel in their own vehicle.