Sailmaker Larsens With Crumpler Banana Bowl M – The Island Bag Canvas

Sailmaker Larsens With Crumpler Banana Bowl M - The Island Bag Canvas

In my Adobe slate for the last few days on the island , I had announced a report to my “island Pocket”. It wants to I you today with this “deliver”.

Sailmaker Larsens With Crumpler Banana Bowl M - The Island Bag Canvas

Sailing boats circling them, our beloved island every day hundreds and of course much to the sailing boats, their owners and their materials turns also on the island. So we were on the last island visit in one of the sailmaker bars and bought my wife a chic and subtle canvas shoulder bag. Now, this time was “Papa” on the island, with a slight shoulder bag made of sail fabric.

Discreet Is Different…

… but what is it discreet and unobtrusive to me? So I’ve got a new entry for the Pocket geek camp with the sailmaker Larsens shoulder bag with a personally very valuable to me motif on it-the anchor! In this chic (some are call rather ‘crude’ them), very light and very comfortable shoulder bag is a Kameratascheninsert from Crumpler, the banana Bowl M, and in it put again my beloved Leica cow and my ‘Emma’. Oh, ‘Emma’ is the last family access, also I have the Leica V-LUX (114) in the bag still serving much small stuff, such as the iPadPro and much more.
“whats all in my Island-Bag”?

In the Crmpler banana Bowl M

Leica Q

Leica V-LUX

Small canvas accessory bag with

Bose case (it is a kl. Notizbüchllein, a small pen Lamy Pico and a small Drehbelstift of Faber Castel, the iPad-SD-lightning adapter and the Bose headphones MI2)

Anchor battery for Kindle, iPad and iPhone with 15,000 mAh and three brief 15/20cm cables

iPad pencil with leather cover

Battery and a memory card in the small think tank bag

(Leica Q and Leica V-LUX use the same battery, therefore only one as a spare)

iPad Pro with smart cover and back cover-fits perfectly into the Tabletfach of the bag

Kindle Paperwhite in Kindle leather cover

Keys and purse in the inner zipper pocket. (not in the photos)

The bag is very comfortable over the shoulder and that to wear even when great people like me through the car safety belt as carrying strap comfortably across over the body. The good is adjustable and the länsgten position on sufficiently dimensioned for XXXL guys with 193 cm height.

With the removable Crumpler banana Bowl, a highly functional camera bag that can be used at night or outside the photo tours good as a normal Messenger bag or EInkaufstasche is out of the normal shoulder bag.

I can say with high security, that I’ve never owned a lightweight shoulder bag.

You can argue about the design quite sure perfectly, but when the sailmaker Larsens in Burg auf Fehmarn you will find something for every taste.

The bag selected by me was more like the whole Flash model, but the anchor had done to so me. But maybe, I should think about anchor tattoo…