Most of all, the definition of “fabulous” fits the Croatian resort of Rovinj. The geography of the city is fabulous: it is located on the Istrian peninsula and an archipelago consisting of 22 islands, the islands of St. Andrew and St. Catherine are considered the most beautiful of them. His architecture is fabulous: all the eras and styles that he saw in his lifetime left their mark on it. Its climate is fabulous, mild Mediterranean. The incredibly beautiful coastline, adorned with the beads of the islands, will forever remain in the memory of anyone who has been here.

The famous science fiction writer Jules Verne, looking for beautiful places for the prototypes of the cities that he inhabited with his heroes, chose Rovinj. In general, the city has earned itself the reputation of being the most romantic in Croatia, which is perhaps why it is increasingly being offered as an option for a honeymoon trip.

The beaches of the resort are quite diverse: there are rocky, pebble and platform beaches. In summer, the city hosts the International Regatta, the International Youth Pop Music Festival and the International Photographer’s Festival. See for education and training in Croatia.

In Rovinj, you should definitely try the local ice cream, which is sold from stalls along the promenade.

How to get to Rovinj

From Rovinj it will not be difficult to get to Pula and other large resort towns. Buses run frequently, clearly on schedule, and the fare is small. The bus station is 5-10 minutes walk from the old part of the city.

Rovinj beaches

The beaches here are small-pebble, bulk, which means that 5-6 meters after entering the sea, the bottom is a huge stone. There are many small coves in which it is better to swim for those who do not know how to swim well, and for children. There are several small nude beaches. Offers the city and many opportunities for sports. This includes diving, surfing, sailing, tennis, and team competitions.

Hotels and apartments

The tourism business in Rovinj works very smoothly. Many hotels offer rooms of various sizes, levels and price ranges. As elsewhere in Croatia, it is possible to rent a private villa or apartment – it is more convenient and much more profitable for those traveling with a family or a large company. This resort is traditionally loved by Italians, who, despite their apparent expansiveness and impulsiveness, are sometimes a model of healthy practicality: thanks to the presence of a ferry crossing, their way to this resort is simple and cheap. Long before the onset of the season, they book villas and hotels in the city, “skimming the cream”, so the organization of recreation in Rovinj should not be postponed until the last weeks before the onset of summer.


It is difficult to say what type of restaurants are not in Rovinj. Elegant fashion establishments with original menus and precious wines, Italian pizzerias, Croatian restaurants, fast food… There is even a Mexican restaurant with hammocks. Visiting it requires serious skills of a lazy life, since not everyone will be able to eat and at the same time swing languidly in a hammock without prior training. The tourist business brings a considerable part of the income to the city, it is organized here just fine, it is not for nothing that Rovinj is considered the “champion” of Croatia in tourism.

Shopping: Rovinj shops

In the old city center there is a huge number of shops where, in addition to standard souvenirs, you can buy quite nice paintings or products with the symbol of the city – shutters. Here, even in one house, you will not always find two identical shutters, which gives the city an amazing, romantic look.

Entertainment and attractions in Rovinj

The old center of Rovinj is located on a small island almost cut off from the mainland. Narrow streets (no more than a meter), ropes with linen stretched between houses, shutters of all possible colors and sizes, paving stones give the city its unique, inimitable and very beautiful look. In addition, there is not a single pair of identical shutters. The entire “island” is a hill, on top of which there is a church, from the tower of which an amazing panorama of the city and its surroundings opens.

Rovinj is a very old city, its history spans several centuries, the first mention of it in documents dates back to the 7th century. Like any city that occupies a favorable geographical position, Rovinj was forced to change hands more than once: Byzantium, the Venetian Republic, Germany, Austria-Hungary, France ruled here at different times. Rovinj was also attacked by the invaders, for defense against them powerful city walls with towers and seven gates were erected. The geographical center of the city is the church of St. Euphemia. Its 57-meter tower is visible not only from any corner of the city, but also from the open sea, and from the observation deck of the tower, in turn, you can see the whole city and admire the panoramas that will forever remain in the memory of the heart: cities such as Rovinj, are not forgotten. Kaliffi Palace, City Hall, The Clock Tower are all sights that are worthy of attention. But the narrow, winding streets of the city, paved with stone, deserve no less attention. You can walk along them, admiring the variety of architectural design of houses, for hours.

As you know, one of the main elements of the house is the window. And in hot, sunny countries, every window has shutters. So, it is the shutters that have become a symbol of the city of Rovinj, it is the shutters that are depicted on various types of souvenirs, which are bought here with pleasure by tourists.

In short, the main attractions of the city are collected in its old part. These are the Cathedral of St. Euphemia with a 62-meter bell tower, the heptagonal chapel of the Holy Trinity, the Church of Lady Mercy, the city hall, Kaliffi Palace (the city museum is now open in it) and Dr. Martin’s Hospital.

There are many natural monuments in the vicinity of the city: the islands and the coast from the island of St. Ivan to the island of the Two Sisters, the sea and underwater parts of the Lima Canal, the forested area of ​​Punta Corrente, the Palud swamp, the Romuald’s cave and the Monfiorenzo quarry.

Excursions from Rovinj

It is convenient to make Rovinj a “base” city for an excursion program. Numerous travel agencies of the city are ready to offer excursions of any duration and in any language. They can be both standard, designed for large groups, and individual or small. It is easy, leaving Rovinj, to get to know the country on your own, using a rented car or an intercity bus. Rovinj is connected by regular bus service to almost all important cities in Croatia: every hour there are buses to Pula (34 km), several times a day – to Poreč (38 km), Rijeka (84 km), Zagreb (278 km), Koper (81 km), Ljubljana (190 km). And even in such remote cities as Split (509 km) and Dubrovnik (744 km) from Rovinj you can go by intercity bus. International buses from Rovinj also go to major cities in Italy and Slovenia. If you plan an independent road trip around the cities of Croatia, you need to take into account that there are a lot of toll roads.

Rovinj, Croatia