Roger Vivier, The Version More Rocker in Bags, Shoes and Gloves. Collection Autumn/Winter 2011-2012

Until not became fashionable a couple of seasons the style rock-chic I had not never had tacks in my fashion accessories. And I like! Follows the trend this fall/winter 2011-2012 and the proposals of Roger Vivier Here are the.

In textured black leather, Metropolitan Rider bag is decorated tacking Antique gold color. Filled with metallic elements, the buckle and the chain from the handle, is the rock-it’s collection.

If you prefer to look iconic signature square buckle, you have a Miss Viv Rider in the same style. Fewer studs and finished patent. You can go to fashion more or less decorative elements, it does not need to be as obvious as the Metropolitan model.

Take shoes matching bag It is a pleasure that I imagine that some men do not understand. Surely you expected some high heel shoes but moccasins and the dancers are taking more land in the trend in footwear.

It can Freida Pinto to choose them also, I told you that he is a fan of the dancers of the French designer. Our zapatero should have all sorts of heel heights for different occasions submitted.

The most daring collection: the patent leather with tacks gloves. A little too much? For me Yes, but we must be content to all women. Not both the tack combining bother me with intense patent leather. The autumn can already start, we are ready.