Restrained Explanations

Before entering fully into the definition of the term restrained, it is necessary to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can state that it is a word that derives from Latin, exactly from the verb “commetiri”, which can be translated as “comedir”.

The adjective restrained is used to qualify someone who is sensible, restrained or prudent. The term derives from the verb comedir, which refers to moderating or premeditating an action.

For example: “Upon learning of the news, the man was restrained”, “The fuel consumption of this car is restrained”, “After a very tense first meeting, the presidents of both countries met again, this time with a more measured tone ”.

Someone restrained, therefore, acts with caution and shows a moderate spirit. Different is the case of someone who is impulsive and impetuous, or the subject who reacts with euphoria or vehemence.

Take the case of a tennis player when he achieves the point that allows him to become champion of a tournament. If he is a restrained athlete, he will celebrate without exaggeration, then he will approach to greet his rival and finally he will resume the celebration with a certain calm, beyond his joy. On the other hand, if the player in question is not restrained, he can start shouting and jumping when crowning himself, forgetting about the respectful greeting to his competitor.

A man who is moderate in his spending, on the other hand, will only spend a part of his income each month, while the rest will be saved or invested. This cautious behavior allows you to be prepared for potential bad economic times in the future. A subject who does not know how to control his expenses, on the contrary, can go into debt by spending more than what he has available, causing his monetary expenses to exceed his income.

To make a measured consumption, it is necessary to put into practice recommendations such as the following:
-When shopping at the supermarket, you must first write down on a list the products you need. In this way, only those that are written in it will be acquired.
-You have to bet on putting aside whims, whatever they are. In other words, you only have to buy what is needed at all times for a compelling reason and not simply because you want to. One way to determine whether or not to buy an item is to ask yourself, “Do I need it?” In this way, if the answer is no, you will avoid making that absolutely unnecessary expense.
-It is important to keep track of income and expenses in order to make a proper and measured use of the money you have.
-You have to enjoy leisure time and enjoy a long list of activities, but also in a measured way. That is, you cannot be going out every night because that means a high cost of money. Therefore, you have to plan activities throughout the week or month so that they are not excessive.