Portfolio Cutterman Music Man: Review of This Excellent Wallet Slim

Portfolio Cutterman Music Man Review of This Excellent Wallet Slim

Few accessories are as essential in the life of man as a good portfolio. After thechat with the Cutterman I ended up buying a wallet Cutterman slim “Music Man”. I carry very little and I decided to adapt the container to the content, replacing my big wallet for a wallet small, more practice.

Portfolio Cutterman Music Man Review of This Excellent Wallet Slim

In it I carry only the essential: a Few exchanged, my driver’s license, and three cards, which fit perfectly in this wallet that looks good in the back pocket of the pants or as in the internal pocket of a jacket.

A Brief History of the Cutterman

The Cutterman Co is a brazilian company, the Curitiba. They specialize in leather goods, hand-made, in-process 100% handmade. They define themselves as more than a brand:

“We are a state of mind. The state of the spirit of transformation, of movement, of discovery, of the outdoor life. Our products are born from ideas, and share stories, because we recover the true essence of “handmade”. We design and manufacture articles to a high standard using the leather as the main material.”

The idea behind the Cutterman is not to be a super brand but manufacture products that have a little bit of the they, and we, we are.

This is only a summary of the history of this amazing brand that already has a wonderful physical store in São Paulo.

What I Found the Wallet Slim Cutterman Music Man?

A good portfolio serves a practical reason and also symbolic.

Practical because you need to organize your documents, money and cards in one place.

Symbolic because the entire world notices when you sack pocket to pay and not have anything worse to put on the table a wallet ugly.

Yes, This is a Wallet Small!

Circulation and paper currency is decreasing more and more. In the world of credit cards and payment solutions digital we can leave behind the extra weight and load on the wallet to only the essential.

It’s well worth having a wallet men slim, even if it is not the only wallet that you have. Use the greater in the day-to-day, which is more unpredictable, and change by less when it is an event, taking just what you need to survive a night with the guys.

Ok… But What Fits in the Wallet Cutterman Musicman?

This wallet male Cutterman has:

– A pocket central that use to put money. On it I put a couple of ten notes.

– Two compartments in one of the sides. I put a card in each, but you could put two per compartment.

– On the other side, another compartment and a pocket for documents. I leave that pocket to put my driver’s license, and in the pocket for documents, I put some business cards and the card of internet banking.

– A port reeds… Musicman. Understood?

My only criticism about the space: I did not understand very well the pocket for documents, as our driver is too big for him. The size, however, is perfect for identity cards for many other countries.

Material and Finish

I was very pleased with the quality of the leather, which is soft and smooth, without any imperfection. You see that is excellent. Doesn’t have that consistency carton of many portfolios male.

All parts are well glued, and the edges are rounded and shaved to perfection. The line of the seams is thicker and I like the contrast of the white with the dark brown.

The branding is discreet, and the name “Music Man”, as I said, it is because of bolsinho for palette, an interesting detail.

And there, it’s Worth to Buy A Portfolio Cutterman?

The Music Man is a great wallet made by a brand that values processes of craftsmen and the choice of materials.

Is a portfolio slim with simple design for you to carry only the essentials. If you find it too small for your day-to-day, think of have to put the inside of the jacket or coat all the documents and a card, things that you need in an evening out.

The leather and finish are excellent, with not too many rivals among domestic products. It is a wallet that promises to improve even more with time, as the material softens and ages, revealing your personality.

Recomendadíssimo for those who are seeking a wallet, compact! You purchase a product beautiful and durable, and even helps a brand super cool.

Speaking of which…

The Cutterman does more than wallets!

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