New at Greenposh: Harold’s Taschen – Leather Bags in Third Generation

The label Harold’s

Everything that is new is always better, you could mean in our world today. As a result, new bags or backpacks with modern designs that are up-to-date should always be better. But is that really true? Who does not like to rely on his (or her) proven leather case, which has developed its own, unique patina for years. A bag that tells stories of travel around the world or of formative random experiences in everyday life. Harold’s is a label that is just that, it offers bags and backpacks made of leather, the shape and material of which tell grandiose stories – or wait for you to be filled with stories!

Harold’s is a renowned brand and has been offering high quality leather bags, backpacks and other accessories for many years. The brand was founded in the thirties when Nikolaus Schmelz founded a Lederertaschenmanufaktur in Obertshausen in 1936, and at that time mainly made bags for other brands. As a result, the company gradually improved its know-how and was able to cooperate with a company from Italy with the aid of Harold’s new son, Günter Schmelz, in 1970, and for the first time took the name of Harold. In the following years, however, the domestic order situation fluctuated so that Harold’s partnerships with Indian and Colombian manufacturers were built up and the company expanded its own collections. In 1998 Thilo Schmelz, the grandson, joined Harold’s and helped to resume production in Germany in 2010.

  • 1936 Founding of a Lederertaschenmanufaktur in Obertshauen by Nikolaus Schmelz
  • 1995 Entry of the son Günter Schmelz into company
  • 1970 First use of the label “Harold’s” and cooperation with Italian company
  • 1987 Partnerships with companies in Italy and Colombia
  • 1998 Cooperation with Indian company
  • 1998 Entry of the grandson Thilo Schmelz into the company
  • 2010 Resume production in Germany

Leather bags fit at first sight but not really to GreenPosh, one might think.So why do you find Harold’s with us from now on?

Sustainability at Harold’s leather bags

Through the introduction of Thilo Schmelz, Harold’s saddled on sustainability. As a trained architect, this has a trained look for the longevity of objects and sees some similarities between a bag and a house. Both have to be sophisticated in their form and function, both have to be durable and functional in terms of use and design and both should be made of high quality raw materials. Durability is the key word at Harold’s, because anyone who uses his leather case or his backpack for a long time has a little bit of his product and is not forced to buy a new one. However, Harold’s not only relies on robust and durable materials, but is also aware of the necessity of craftsmanship and a timeless design. It is only if this three-piece team is balanced out of material, craftsmanship and design that the company has also designed a sustainable leather case. That is why the design team always has the same questions at the beginning of a new bag:

  • What does the material want?
  • What does the function do?
  • What does the trade mean?
  • How does the bag appear?
  • How does the bag work after years of use?

And who puts the Harold’s leather bags?

Here Harold’s produces

Harold’s produces a total of three countries and has adapted itself to the prevailing circumstances and circumstances in all places. However, in order to design bags and backpacks of leather with a timeless design in a sustainable manner, a high craftsmanship is required, which Harold’s ensures through constant and above all transparent production conditions. All employees in the Indian, Colombian and German partner companies receive a thorough training and a thorough training, enjoy contractual working hours and benefit from safe and hygienic circumstances as well as a uniformly distributed order situation. These conditions and other standards such as health insurance, annuity insurance, social insurance and industrial insurance have enabled a majority of the Colombian employees to operate for more than 20 years. Continuity, stability and appreciation of craftsmanship are encouraging the employees of Colombia in their own self-perception and let them do wonders with the Colombian natural leather.

In the Indian partner company in Calcutta, the employees also enjoy the advantages of working together with SEDEX and the Bureau Veritas, which voluntarily try to integrate topics such as social work or environmental concerns into entrepreneurial activity. A workers’committee, 15 paid day leave, a maternity leave of 90 paid days, as well as paid overtime, continue to legally give security and stability to the company’s employees.

Timeless design meets first-class materials and craftsmanship – Harold’s bags

Through all of these elements, Harold is able to unite sustainability with leather and offer people in Colombia and India a perspective. Timeless design from health-beauty-guides, excellent raw materials and traditional processing techniques enable the production of leather bags with real character, which are unrivaled – in a sustainable way. You are looking for a durable leather case that will accompany you faithfully on your daily journeys?