My New Favorite Brand in the Bag Department Store: Anokhi

There’s already a lot to convince me bag old-timers. Honestly new brands in the bag department store not so easily have it with me. Why that is so? I have found just my favorite brand, know exactly what I can expect from a bag and am always on the safe side. But then came Anokhi! And my life has changed. Since each bag I really like and prefer I want to have all the same. In each color. I need it because all. Really. But I must be realistic and know that I can have the pockets not all or really need. Unfortunately. So I proceed quite pragmatic, more or less according to the principle of exclusion. I have enough bags. Already, I can call my own also the one or the other shoppers. I’m really sorry for you Dear Lindsey…, you great shopper with truly lots of storage space.

But what about friends, love Victoria? I’ve seen you Victoria and it happened to me. And so, it’s official: my first clutch is an Anokhi! And what for one! That has simply everything I need: adequate storage space for all the things so when leaving here and also the look is right. A few sequins are always good. And if I need free hands, then I’m hanging around just me Victoria. Very practical and as well as purchased.

But then is there still Colette. I don’t own such a bag now but really still! Also I could take every day with them in the Office, that Victoria would be anything really. Now I will choose well but for two bags. Bags you can finally never going to have enough. The Entrelac pattern is clearly something special and a real must-have. In addition, Colette is the perfect bag for fall! I am so over two new bags in my small Pocket Kingdom.

Trend Tip: ANOKHI

Anokhi is my personal trend tip for you. A young label from Munich designed bags that don’t look like any other: soft leather combined with refined details and a sprinkling of vintage, for my taste perfectly. What do you mean? Just tell me your favorite of bag world.