My Dream Fulfilled: Live in First Person by The Hand of Jezebel Chanel Parade

“Chanel Shopping Center”, I think that these three words not forget me never in my life. When reading this post, I understand that you apreciarĂ©is the world of fashion and that you will therefore understand what means a Chanel show in Paris. I’ve been working almost six years in fashion and finally I have been able to meet one of my dreams fashionistamente speaking, attend one of the parades of the mythical French firm in the capital of fashion. Jezebel more fashion from around the world has been present in the supermarket and now want to share it with all of you in a very special way.

Karl Lagerfeld He is a genius, perhaps this is what I’ve felt anything entering the inside of the Grand Palais After seeing that had mounted to present her collection for next autumn-winter. It is true that the invitation always gives clues of the parade but could not imagine to see recreated a supermarket in large size within a spectacular building. The first thing you were was a made of fresh fruit and vegetables to continue with a ventena of halls of different products, all of them care to detail both in its content and in its packaging.

You might find from the sweeter berries jam even a few latex gloves with Camellia included, all of them with their corresponding label with nod to Chanel and Coco Chanel as a person. It was all a show for dreaming, bottles of milk, jelly beans, fruit, cheeses, trash bags… endless products as care that they created a sense of admiration, out of the ordinary. Up to attendees of the parade were dressed with! white coats of supermarket!

The large shopping center surrounded it a myriad of product boxes that made seat for hundreds of attendees who were arriving slowly and each and every one of them were still hallucinating seeing a production of parade so magnificent. I thought that to be my first time in a parade of Chanel It was valuing all much more but I really listened to phrases of surprise and admiration every minute, nobody (by experienced might have) had seen anything like this before.

When you find your site and you stand to look at how big that is space, the decor that is and the amount of people who have, begins to sound a thunderous music)Rihanna, that was also in the parade) and begin to March a lot of perfect models with sweeping looks and details that are stuck in the retina of lifetime. Handbags wrapped in trays of fish, with the legendary chain shopping baskets of the Chanel 2.55 bag and impressive guateados shopping carts.

Each model continues on its way, different but with security and the collection is displayed in the eyes of the amazed spectators in a unique way. The models begin to make the purchase, select your favorite products and put them in their great bags of Chanel. All kinds of great looks to make the purchase, up to a lady with escort filled with signature bags. Something so shocking that you don’t know well where look.

At the end of the parade, after a voice announcing the closing of the Mall of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld He greets all guests and they play is to be performed on any product with your own customized so glamorous. An event like no other, a parade to remember and a collection of dreamy. It was the parade of Chanel at the Grand Palais to present the collection “Chanel Shopping Center”.

At the end of the show, the elegant hundreds of guests rushed on the shelves of products to be one of the elements of supermarkets customized by the French firm. Mats and latex gloves were one of the most desired. It was fun to see how girls dressed up and down Chanel, They plucked off the wall a doormat that read “Madmoiselle PrivĂ©e”.