Modepilot Tests: Women’s Collection of Soil

The Fashionweek is over and the outfit with which I was most successful with the Streetstyle photographers was a colorful plaid wool mohair coat from the floor icon collection. Most photographers asked me about the shoot: “Is that Dries van notes?” “No,” I replied, “Ground, an online shop from UK.” The result: shrug and beg to spell it. A few months ago, I didn’t feel any different. I also did not know ground before I had tested the children’s collection of the British mail-order retailer on Modepilot. and was pretty enthusiastic.

As promised in the post, I did not leave it with the children, but also extended my test to the women’s collection. Here’s the result:
Ground is not Asos. Johnnie Boden’s mail order business and online store does not put on fast trends, but on classic British fashion. It is a Brit style, but also a fashionable college style, which holds a lot of things for all young women as well as for women from 35 years and older. All lengths are represented in the skirts. The trousers are suitable for office, but there are also more fashionable Culottes and even chic jogging pants. The romantic side of Brit fashion is reflected in the dresses and blouses again. With the coats it can be even more colourful. At all, the British are known to face their rather sad weather with color and floral patterns. This is fun – even for our broads.
In the children’s collection I was really surprised by the quality and also in the Ladies collection she is right. On two products that had been made available to the ground, I conducted the test:
I’m testing a long boyfriend shirt. As in the case of the children’s things, the final control has done all the work: there are no threads, the seams and the fabric quality are correct. The fabric is not a mixed fabric, but 100% cotton and the machine washability I have tested twice. In fact, the blouse looks even better after washing and ironing twice. The model is cut back longer and has a basement crease in the back, which is very comfortable to wear.
As with the children, I want to remind you that soil cuts very large. I ordered my blouse in M, one s would have been thick, even though I had a wide, casual cut in my eyes.
For the comparison of the sizes I will briefly bring this example: I am a classic German 36 size, wear my blouses very far. At Zara, therefore, I usually always buy the largest available size and that is usually too short in the body length (I hate it when blouses are constantly slipping out of rock and waistband during normal movement). On the ground I got the exact opposite: The admittedly overlong shirt reaches me to my knees.
Price of the blouse: 79 euro. This makes floor around twice as expensive as Zara, but I am satisfied with the quality.
My second Test article is a bag. I have chosen an extra leather accessory, because in many online shops there is a huge gap between picture and reality in these articles. The chancery clutch for 89 euros was perfectly packaged, as always with the floor. All hinges and closures were additionally wrapped with paper in order not to get scratches during shipment. When unpacking, leather smell spread. That’s the way it should be. The bag is versatilely usable as a clutch or thanks to the shoulder strap as a cross-body bag. The colors matched exactly to the image. The leather is relatively hard but has a even structure. The interior is beautifully processed with a patterned cotton lining and many small inner pockets. I have my concerns only with the little eyelets for the strap bracket and the metal color of the belt. It is too difficult to load the clutch and the metallic paint, thanks to the mirror film coating, could easily wear off and become dull in case of permanent use.
The Icon Collection
Is there something missing? Of course the Spitalfields coat. But this is not part of the regular women’s collection, but comes from the brand new exclusive line icon. This special collection with limited offer, launched at the end of September, is characterized by very high-quality and luxurious materials. She plays with the typical Brit style and mixes heritage elements with modern fashion. Who could better represent this collection than supermodel Karen Elson, who comes from Manchester native.
She looks just gorgeous in my coat.
The Hospitalfield coat is – apart from being a streetstyle magnet – with 519 euros not exactly a bargain. But the material is half mohair, half wool. The Polyamidanteil is only 5 percent. The gradient is successful and the high-quality material is well exposed by a slightly long-haired combing. The