Misfortune Explanations

The idea of ​​misfortune refers to misfortune, unhappiness or misfortune. Whoever suffers a misfortune, therefore, goes through a complicated or sad moment. For example: “Everything was going well until the misfortune became present”, “The player had the misfortune of hitting an advertising poster, an accident that caused a deep cut in his left leg”, “The writer narrates the misfortune of a young man who loses his job and has to leave his village”.

Many times misfortune is linked to bad luck. That is why it can be said that an unfortunate event is something unfortunate. Suppose a couple saves money for years to enjoy a romantic vacation on a Caribbean beach. Upon arrival at the destination, a strong storm breaks out causing damage and preventing them from being outdoors. Bad weather extends throughout your stay. Given this framework, it can be indicated that the couple had the misfortune of suffering from inclement weather during their trip.

Misfortune can also be linked to a tragic event or its consequences. It can be said that misfortune settles in the life of a man who suffers the murder of his son at the hands of criminals. This tragedy, of course, leaves a deep mark on the existence of this subject who, even if he manages to recover and move on, will never again find the happiness he felt when he was with his descendant.

Depending on the point of view, it is possible to say that misfortune does not come to a person’s life by chance, but is attracted by their actions and decisions, day by day, step by step. Of course, this is not easy to accept, especially in the face of terrible situations such as the loss of a loved one; Who would want to accept that his child died because of his fault, because of his negligence ? However, we must not understand this approach as an interpretation that inevitably condemns us for our own misfortunes, but as a balanced vision of life.

After all, equilibrium is nothing more than an inevitable state in which each force is balanced by an opposite one, beyond any qualitative appreciation. When a person gets a job after overcoming an arduous selection process, they can say that they feel lucky, but on the other side of the scale are all those individuals who have not got it, not because of the ill will of the first but because of a natural.

We cannot say that winning the lottery will make all losers unhappy, although many of them probably cannot overcome their problems due to not having the prize money. This explains that balance does not always come looking for us to charge us for the negative events that are related to our decisions and actions, but rather part of the natural order of the universe.

Focusing on your own misery and complaining about bad luck instead of looking to the future and looking for a way out of the pit is one of the worst attitudes we can adopt. No one can take away our suffering or erase our bad memories, but victimhood doesn’t help us either, and that’s why the recipe for overcoming obstacles is to free the mind of bad thoughts and look for practical solutions.

“A series of catastrophic misfortunes”, finally, is the name by whichthe literary saga “Series of Unfortunate Events” was known in Spain, baptized as “A series of unfortunate events” in Latin America. This is a set of books written by Daniel Hendler under the pseudonym Lemony Snicket.