Mibolsomivida.Com Attends Bisutex

I have recently had the pleasure of visiting the fair, Bisutex, where I had the opportunity to see first hand what are the latest trends in handbags and accessories at the international level in Madrid.

What is Giftrends?

Giftrends is an event that encompasses 3 fairs at the same time: Bisutex (International Salon of fashion jewelry and accessories), InterGift (gift and decoration) and MadridJoya (urban jewel and trends).

My interest focuses primarily on Bisutex, although I always have time to take a look at the other two fairs since they are at the same fair, in accompanying pavilions.

Why is this show so important for me?

As you know, since 2001 I am dedicated to the buying and selling of bags and accessories. Many people trust me to buy handbags, scarves, hats, necklaces, earrings, items of leather goods such as wallets, purses or belts, among other things. This fair helps me to know what news and trends go to invade the shop windows of stores of bags and accessories for the next season. I can correctly choose the product that I will be looking in my shop soon. And therefore, I can advise you better through my blog or when to come to my shop.

During the 5 days lasting event, I have occasion to visit and chat with manufacturers of bags and accessories, both Spanish and international. In the stands (space that each company has to present its products) can touch, feel the product and rating if you have a good relationship quality price, in which case do an order.

Trends in handbags and scarves

For the next spring – summer 2013 season will continue with pastel tones, similar to last year: coral pink, light blue color, mint green, cream and lime. We are going to see both bags and scarves and almost always combined with white. Shades that will enhance our summer Tan.

I’ve seen many smooth bags but also printed bags which combine motifs of stem with flowers and monograms (small drawings that are repeated frequently). An example of bag with printed Monogram is the classic Louis Vuitton bag with small pictures of the initials VL and small motifs of flower or star-shaped.

In tissues, are thin and almost transparent gauze. Very sheer materials which provide smoothness and low weight. The Silk scarves are very strong. As soon as you receive the consignment of silk scarves from India I bought at the fair (amazing they are!), I will write you another special article talking about them.

Trends in jewelry

In the jewelry industry, is even more cheaper prices, making the most simple and small products. However, some designers have opted to do just the opposite: much larger parts that wear by itself alone and call the attention of our look as if it were one garment more. As for the colors, soft hues triumph.

Trends in jewelry

Most jewellers have opted this year for silver than for gold. In these times, not everyone can buy a jewel of gold. Although also found large gold and gemstone jewelry, in this case, focused a luxury market where the purchasing power is very high and has been less affected by the crisis.

I have several years faithfully attending this fair to buy handbags and accessories. Sometimes I discover new manufacturers with exceptional products and in others I get the disappointment of seeing that some manufacturers of bags have disappeared or not already come to the fair to reduce costs (it seems that this year there has been a decrease in the number of exhibitors). In any case, I am very pleased with how has passed the days I spent at the fair. I have a mad receive everything I have bought and be able to show it through my shop or my blog wanted to.

If you want to know more, click here to view the brochure of Giftrends (with a list of all exhibitors) or take a look at this video (is the last edition, as soon as they climb the new, you update it).

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