London Street Style – Urban Brit Chic in Perfection

A look at the streets of London tells us what is just a trend. Many trend Scouts in the English metropolis are not in vain. That’s why I keep whatever your eyes open England visits mine after the London street style.

London Street Style - Urban Brit Chic in Perfection 1

Often we read in magazines from the so-called Brit chic. But what does this mean? Brit chic is a very special dress style is primarily dominated by British influences. In the looks, centuries of tradition and monarchy in combination with cheeky and quite striking can be felt British charm. Labels such as Burberry and Burlington have participated in the development, as well as influences from the areas of horseback riding and hunting. Apply as a pioneer of the noble and yet wayward style Duchess Kate and Victoria Beckham.

In London itself, fashion is then quite much urban and international. Traditional plaid pattern and classic materials are combined with modern influences to unisex looks with vintage details. Prince of Wales check patterns, College slippers or equestrian look – sometimes is the association with Harry Potter films not far. But that makes the charm of the British Street style. On the other hand, very classic A-line dresses and coats, which are then jazzed up with fancy details or big jewelry can be found. Also the grunge style still plays a role. The same is true for the men’s fashion, also very simple, but with a good amount of vintage daherkomment. Overall, British outfits are very tidy, but with character of lots of and individuality.

London Street Style - Urban Brit Chic in Perfection 2

Similarly, the pockets of the capital. The brand Knomo , for example, stands for linear and simple designs with chic details and some sparkling colors. Suitable to the exciting everyday, which is omnipresent in the bustling metropolis, bags and backpacks and accessories by Knomo have maximum functionality and a variety of clever solutions in terms of Tablet, laptop and office supplies. It adheres to the Queen, of course wearing a traditional Kelly Bag.

If you plan a weekend trip in the fashion metropolis London again, I can recommend in particular the Portobello Road and the eponymous market in Notting Hill. Here you will find loud little boutiques and stalls with clothes, accessories, souvenirs, and tasty food. If you have still time, look at absolutely the Covent Garden market. Especially in the evening, much is going on here, and there are always a few musicians, which you can listen ALE (so an English beer) and observing the London street style with a nice pint. For those who rather crazy like, should be Camden Town not to be missed. There are all sorts of bizarre shapes, but also typical small shops and interesting corner.

London Street Style - Urban Brit Chic in Perfection 3

I hope we could make you a little pleasure to the metropolis and the London street style. Let’s take a look in our Shop and ensures you the perfect bag for a weekend at the Queen ever.


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