Learn How to Pack Suitcases, Save Space and Avoid Consequential

Keep items inside of shoes helps to save space in the Pack. See more tips and have less headache at time of packing.

Packing is a task that is often stressful, especially when you’re desperately trying to squeeze that extra t-shirt without having to rearrange your luggage from scratch. But there are some very useful tips that will help you put twice the amount of clothes in your  suitcase.

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It is not easy to pack so you can take what you need

Sarah Bennett, the “Make and Mend’s”, a vintage fashion boutique, shared tips for making the  bags  that all travelers need to know in time to pack clothes, shoes and accessories for a trip.

1. save items within shoes

Boots and other shoes can take up a lot of volume in your  luggage. As a way to put more stuff in the trunk, use the space inside your shoes to keep things as belts, battery chargers and cables. It also prevents these items stay mixed with other things and help you know exactly where to find them.

2. wrap your jewelry in swaddling clothes

Pack your jewelry to travel can be stressful. To prevent the earrings if tangled up or get lost among the other things, take a cloth and drill your earrings through superior dametade. Then fold the bottom half and then put them together. So they will be well guarded.

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3. Pack your underwear in a thong

If you are going to the beach and taking a cover, fold it up and put all the underwear inside and like a gift package. You can knead the package until he gets well. This trick keeps separate lingerie and facilitates time put in a drawer at once in your destination.

4. Take only key parts

If you can’t take a lot of things in your suitcase, take clothes with similar shades to be easier to use. Also put on luggage pieces that match each other.

5. Pack with plastic

It’s a nightmare to open the case and realize that their liquid leaked and ruined your holiday wardrobe. Always use plastic wrap to pack your liquids and take them in a separate bag of other items in the bag.

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6. Use cotton

Glass items deserve attention in suitcases. To prevent shattering mirrors inside the bag, for example, cover them with cotton.