Kate Moss Becomes in Designer Handbags Also

There are those who love it and those who hate it, especially by the saturation that we had it at a given time. But finally, anything associated with the name of Kate Moss generates many zeros in profits. The Croydon model continues to have a crowd of followers, be it for their collections in Topshop who increasingly have less bass drum and cymbal, or for any project that the English is.

So, I have no doubt that soon not only dress km, but also to save our belongings in a bag signed by it. It turns out that Kate has signed with Longchamp for a collaboration. The result will be called simply Kate Moss for Longchamp, as you may see the imagination it is not the most.

It will be released in less than a month, the February 11. So, those who believed that Longchamp had much Kate Moss and, therefore, more fresh and young had changed it by a Sasha Pivovarova, they were wrong. The Moss has signed a contract for two collections per year and apparently rather than 2010. Above are a sample of what you will see soon.

Kate, I think that this is your year, especially if you are newly engaged.


Designer Brand Handbags & Their Victimisation

Designer Brand Handbags & Their Victimisation

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