Karl Lagerfeld Presents His Collection of Handbags Spring-Summer 2009

For all the eccentricities are known from Karl Lagerfeld When designing. Everything must be perfect and their supervision is essential in every one of the things that bear his name. So it happened with a new line of bags It will be released in the next spring-summer 2009. 42 models bags checked to the smallest detail by the Kaiser that will shake the foundations of many of the luxury brands living these precious accessories.

The collection, with a few more than evident futuristic touches, slips between blacks, silvers, whites and beiges. The style of the designer, who although make sure you have no computer, presents bags for our portable, simply great.

A collection inspired by the passion of Karl by architecture, photography and of course, in their lifestyle and personality, converted into a fashion icon. And it is that what is clear is that Karl Lagerfeld will go down in history as one of the most influential designers of the history of fashion. And as any cult product has a price, discreet designer collection will be released with prices that cover the 595 to $3,000. Will be you, the holder of one of these gems?