Junk Food Explanations

The food are foods that are eaten to survive. Food is known as the process that an individual consciously develops to eat and drink these foods, which gives rise to the mechanism of biology that is called nutrition (through which the body assimilates food).

The notion of scrap, on the other hand, refers to a waste material. Scrap metal is something that is useless or has no value.

These two definitions allow us to get closer to the idea of junk food. Food, as a phenomenon influenced by culture, the economy and the social environment, implies a certain selection and preparation of food. In this framework, it is possible to speak of junk food (also known as junk food), which are those foods that have large amounts of sugars, fat and / or salt.

Due to its components, junk food has a particular effect on those who eat it: their appetite increases and thirst increases. This without the food providing nutritious or healthy substances: on the contrary, fats and the rest of the ingredients of junk food can cause health disorders (such as the development of obesity).

At this point it is interesting to emphasize the existence of a documentary that hit theaters around the world in 2004 and was titled Super Size Me. The American filmmaker Morgan Spurlock was the one who directed and starred in this production with which he sought to show the consequences of having a diet based on the so-called junk or junk food.

Thus, said film is in charge of showing the viewer what consequences for Spurlock himself, who for a month eats, solely and exclusively, food from one of the most important fast food chains that exist in the whole world as is MacDonald’s.

In this way, among other things, it is clear how said protagonist managed to increase his weight by just over eleven kilos, how his body mass is increased, how he experiences a series of mood swings, how he suffers a large number of damages in the liver and how it even suffers from what is sexual dysfunction.

The companies dedicated to producing and marketing this type of food, therefore, have a great business by offering foods that provoke more appetite and more thirst, which keeps consumers buying.

According to abbreviationfinder, junk food is also associated with ease of preparation (that is why we speak of fast food), low price (usually cheap) and leisure (teenagers gather in junk food restaurants).

These characteristics or signs of identity are what have led to this type of food becoming the choice of many people to eat daily throughout the world today. And it is that those who have little economic capacity or the fact that they are stressful jobs where they barely have time to eat leads them to opt for this fast and cheap option.

The burgers, the fries and soda or soft drinks large usually the typical menu of junk food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King.

Junk Food