Jezebel in The Parade of Toni Francesc

As already said us Montag in the preview of the New York catwalk, the Spanish presence takes on more importance. Today we have been in the parade of Toni Francesc, packed to the rafters and standing ovations for a colourful finale. The name, Garuda.

But let’s start at the beginning. We have been with him and the models backstage, where the smell of lacquer received you just enter before the parade. Once inside, you stayed completely absorbed by intense red lips, carded and collected voluminous hair and impossible eyes.

The tabs and the Shadow Black they have managed to give a shocking look simply at the backstage, where all look their best legings, mobile phones and handbags signature models.

The parade has been with 14 models. Toni Francesc woman defined by the range of colors mustard, grey, black, Garnet… a woman with very marked waistline, with miniskirts, with more female suits, with full of flying long dresses.

Francesc, with his girls

In Cibeles does not pass, at least not let the press to see it, but here we have seen before the official parade a previous parade where the models have gone out to the catwalk with official shoes and music to see exactly where and when has to register in and out.

On the white carpet Toni declined to take everything closely, look at that are missing swim, and while his smile hid nerves, several models and an Assistant have taken advantage to take a photo with him.

If backstage has been close and calling each model by name and chat with them a little bit, in the moment before it has been monitoring the music in the DJ booth, giving encouragement and gritand in unison with her girls ‘mucha mierda’ and be the first to give some deserved applause after the footbridge to the final result.

The parade

The first model released, redhead precious, has caused almost as much impact with her hair tightly, full of color and volume as with the dress that has paraded.

Ovation as said to Toni Francesc, where the colony both Hispanic and native is a fan of designer, as I could see in the stands in several different areas.

From the first exit, with a gray skirt and a blouse in light colours, through dresses back on the air, coats and jackets by adjusting the figure, until the final look, a monkey mustard that has filled light the runway, everything has been perfect.

This look has been my favorites, gloves, pants and jacket without sleeve. Grey, black and flashy makeup. Was it the mixture of everything, but I was delighted.

A collection of feasible, to work, to go more fixed, for a woman who likes elegant air and classic. A winter dominated by the feminine

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