Interviewed, Exclusively, to Michael Tonello: “I Bought 130 Birkins”

We have all heard that Hermes does not sell their wonderful handbags Birkin. We have all heard that you there waiting list to get one, and that only three or four women in the world have in their hands these wonders. Well, everything is fake.

The test has it Michael Tonello, a compulsive buyer of these bags that swept the Hermes shops from around the world to make with these beauties. No waiting lists or anything, and it has everything in his book Bringing home the Birkin, that recounts his formula so skip those lists and buy and sell bags to women and men who could not access the Hermes.

In fact, Tonello us has served exclusive While this book translator waiting to the Spanish, while he is preparing for another book about the world of luxury and while Hollywood It has already bought the rights to make a film. So then say that in Embelezzia not surprised you … and Michael helps us: “ the waiting list is just a joke, a silly trick & #8220;.

Michael Tonello It is a writer in love with Spain’s Barcelona in particular, and that being in the city of the Mediterranean decided to do business selling items of luxury not already using Internet. Entering the network discovered that Hermes bags were the most popular products, and its Birkin model was almost a chimera. So that it started to work to try to buy and sell these bags that had no clue.

I am not going to reveal you nothing of the book, I recommend it now not only because it shows the world of luxury and their falsehoods, the interesting thing of creating characters and the mystery that covers that waiting list the French House. In addition, Tonello writes in a very funny way the adventures and misadventures in his travels, purchases, your auctions and the quantity of products which have to buy to get a bag (dozens of silk scarves, handbags and wallets …) before the impish eyes of sellers & #8230;

-The first question could not be another, the Hermes Birkin is really so accessible?

  • Yes, it’s just a marketing gimmick. In 2004, over three months, from September until Christmas, I bought 130 Birkins, so the waiting list is just a joke, a silly trick.

-I think that this book is a novel of fiction, or not?

  • No, it is not a novel, it is a memoir. It is autobiographical. In the book they narrate six years of my life, from 1999 to 2005. The only thing there is fiction in the novel are the names of the protagonists.

-While reading the book I realized the importance of the Spanish wine in your life… You’re in you love our wine?

  • Oh, yes! I really love a good Rioja or a Ribera del Duero. What better to drink with a good manchego cheese.

-Embelezzia readers are enamored of Hermes … a Birkin is so mythical?

  • Hermes is the ultimate in luxury. It is unique for many reasons: everything is done by hand, it has a history of nearly 200 years and, of course, Kelly and Birkin bags. But today all we can have a little piece of Hermes, as a perfume, and that makes it accessible to all Hermes.

-Descriptions of the employees are really fun: Granny, the farmer, the romantic, the naive, nazi, the Godfather … almost everyone can fit into other luxury shop, you have not thought to write a novel about this?

  • I believe that all have had such experiences in many different shops, from Zara to Chanel, Louis Vuitton Gucci, are not only at Hermes. I have traveled to more than 120 Hermes stores throughout the world and I realized how similar that were employees, so that data was my advantage.

-I don’t reveal the end of the book, but as the story unfolds there is some relationship of friendship with your customers, except a young Frenchman … everyone was so good?

  • After six years selling Birkins to people around the world of course that there are people who are not so kind. In the book, I focused on those who were extraordinary and generous, perhaps even eccentric. I am the type of person who sees the glass half-full, and prefer to focus on the positive to the negative.

-Michael, for which this novel, this book? And, of course, when coming to Spain?

  • As he traveled around the world buying Hermes Birkin people wondered if it was for work. When it explained everything that I was always told me that it sounded like a movie or a novel. So one day on a flight from Miami to Frankfurt I decided to start taking notes of all the crazy things that had happened in the last five years. When he landed the aircraft had 40 pages of notes and after reading them I realized that sounded crazy … so I really tried to write it as a book. I would love to find a Publisher in Spain since the novel takes place there, moreover, live in Barcelona. In fact, I think that the book is a love story about my move to Spain.

-Hermes is a brand with history, mystery, legendary … would like to work for them?

  • JA, not … am quite happy just by typing.

-Would anyone Hermes has been in contact with you after this book?

  • No, no one has contacted me, although they have done my book reviews in magazines and newspapers. This summer my book was reviewed in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Interantional Herald Tribune (and about 30 newspapers and magazines), I was also on television, so Hermes had to make a clarification.

-What do you think in terms of luxury goods counterfeiting?

  • I am totally against counterfeiting. First, it is illegal. Second, products are bad, made with poor materials. A bunch of rubbish would be better. In addition, when you carry a handbag Hermes makes you feel good, you feel special!

-Do you have how many Birkin and color?

  • I have a Birkin color parchmente, as the sand of the beach. When my book was published we ship the bag away & #8230;

-To conclude, imagine that you are a reader of this book, what would you think about Hermes?

  • I think that Hermes has an incredible product and that everyone wants it, so … why play with nonsense as the waiting list?