Interview with Benedetta Fasanari

Blessed Bruzziches is a curious woman and a dreamer, a young and dynamic, a special bag that you look at.

How did you start your adventure in the design of bags?

I met a man in a lift which has proposed me to become creative director for his company in India, and from there began the adventure. I moved to Madras and still are designers for the first brand of luxury handbags in India. It was a launch into space, but I fell on the soft!

What difficulties have you had to overcome in getting your line?

At the beginning you do not know how to move, to design a collection is not enough, there are millions of things to do by the production, shipments, sales network, find the right suppliers… you have to have your eyes open and be able to learn from mistakes. But with the spirit and the right team growth is guaranteed! When I started I was alone and I drew the collections in the basement of my man, now after three years we are a happy group of guys, we work in a study made and we just opened a laboratory where we can experience any idea.

I know that now works in the production of your line, with your brother. How is it working with him?

Augustine is fantastic to work with, he is the backbone of the company! He is a special person, and we are extremely well together.

We come to this. If I say “The Talent Store ‘What do you answer me?

Future. The Talent Store is incredibly refreshing, original initiative implemented by those in young people see the future. An important showcase for us and also an opportunity to learn about other stories like ours. Our motto is “Thanks for helping young designers to get older !!!”, a thank you to address to all those who believe in the young concrete strength (Fidenza Village and Vogue Italy. Ed).

When I look at the new creations of the designers, I always wonder: “Who knows what he was inspired to create a piece so beautiful!”. Around the question directly to you! From what you get inspiration for the creation of your bags?

In my office there is an old blackboard where I jot down thoughts and moods. Right now we are working to autumn – winter 2013, and on the blackboard read “the bag the doctor to collect pieces of heart.” The new collection tells the end of a love.

Tell us a bit ‘of your collection for FW 11-12, what are the highlights of your line?

Imagine being in a milonga, in it each bag as a woman between the movements of the dance reveals his complex personality. Carmen, petite and elegant, carpeted with soft velvet recalls the robes of a couch in the late nineteenth century, Paloma from androgynous grace and fragile mind, Rosa the incurable romantic or passionate Dolores enchantress. And all strictly “Made in Italy with Love”.

And for what concerns this summer, what can we expect from Hurricane Benedetta?

The Little Prince, the chalk dirty hands and the warm tones and full of the ’70s. A journey in the company of a small fox ears pricked and pointed nose, an adventure book populated by snakes and wild animals, a king with his court on a journey through geometric and inspettati landscapes. A loosely inspired by childhood collection, the broken smiles, the bright eyes of those who live each day as if it were a new exciting adventure.

About hurricane, I learned that you have created a funny video titled “The Adventures of Benedetta Bruzziches”. What led you to create a video on your life?

In between a dream and an adventure that’s how I live my days and what better way than to tell it with a cartoon!

To all the readers to listen, you tell us a bit ‘where can we buy your creations?

I’m a little ‘around the world! We have more than 70 outlets and if you want to know where to find the nearest to you please send an email to .

A few tips to all the girls who want to pursue the career of designer handbags.

If you have a special brother like mine Include Him, working in teams is beautiful and helps to grow! You have to arm yourself with determination, tenacity and think of the Enlightenment, we are masters of our destiny.


A piece that should not be missing in your closet (in addition to bags).

The petticoat of satin and lace.

How important accessory in your looks?

Whether flowers to put on his head, fans, hats or earrings in the shape of the last open window bought at the market Sunday I can not help it!

A romantic dinner, what are you wearing?

A nice dress printed Catherine Gatta.

Wear clothing and accessories purchased from lowcost chains? What do you think about it?

It rarely happens to buy and even more rarely indossarne, I like to collect beautiful things that last over time and to think that my daughters will inherit! What do I do, I try, but I prefer to buy from the young designer or from my vintage spacciatrici!

Wear only designer bags Benedetta or purchases also bags of other designers?

It creates a powerful bond with my “Blessed” I can not betray them with no other!

What is your favorite designer?

There are many that I like, Elisa Palomino for a fairy dresses of the woods, Moltosilvia for its printed hoods, Vernissage for fabulous jewels, Superduper for hats of yesteryear and then the superb Rodarte, Lanvin and Celine.