Handbags Coco Chanel Cocoon: Making Images and More Images Would Hit or Error?

Bags Coco Cocoon Chanel, whose campaign has again starred the always nínfula Vanessa Paradis already hanging off the shoulders of any Lady, so will have to wait to winter, but of the wishlist for all fashionista self-respecting.

I already anticipate the first images and today we present the rest and the making of the campaign whose objective we could find, how not, the omnipresent Lagerfeld who work with both it is no wonder that you do not leave your maxi-glasses.

As expected the sessions of this type are an array of assistants, stylists, makeup artists and interior designers and other staff that remains attentive to the signs of Monsier Lagerfeld. All so that the result is impeccable, but the protagonist is difficult to identify and the bag is something secondary.

An image much more sexy which seems to say “ sweet dreams with my Cocoon & #8221;.

Or as this snapshot, very “ not without my Chanel ”. But we ask ourselves, photographically speaking: where is the neck of the Paradis?

We like the image, like the bag, the styling would but she? It is not sure of the most favoured.

And you, what do you think? Did you like the campaign Coco Cocoon?