Handbaging: Help My Colleague!

She doesn’t admit it, but her search today for a black, spacious handbag and especially her selection reminds us strongly of the model of Margaret Thatcher, which was largely pictured yesterday in the obituary on page 2 and 3 of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntag newspaper.

Yesterday in the FAs: “Femininity as a weapon” and the image of Margaret Thatcher’s handbag
I was also fond of reading such sentences as: “Very soon the purse established itself as a power symbol as well. Margaret Thatcher used to demonstratively put her on the table in the execution of the government business. ” And about the symbol that stood for their economic policies, Thatcher himself said that women are better able to wield handbags than bayonets.
Isa, my colleague, remains: she has been looking for a black leather bag with handles for a long time. According to allSetBackpacks,so even before Thatcher’s death and the resurgence of briefcase fashion for women. First of all, the new bag should be timeless (it works for Elle.de) to be stylish (it works for Elle.de) and it should fit much in (it works for Elle.de). And that the three designer pieces of your choice happen to remember the pocket taste of the Iron Lady, be pure coincidence. I want to hope (also I work for Elle.de). The Isas are very economic ideas.
Isas shortlist: Alexander Wang, Victoria Beckham and Tod’s (left to left)
What do you mean?
• Prism Briefcase by Alexander Wang with gold-coloured fittings (almost 1000 euro)
• Victoria bag by Victoria Beckham (over 2000 euros)
• D-Styling bag by Tod’s (over 1000 euros)
• Prefer the original! – it went 2011 for 25,000 pounds at Christie’s over the auction table
• If you already have: Birch-bag by Hermès
• She works at Elle? Then she should buy a Saint Laurent now
* “In the United Kingdom, the term” handbaging “was coined during the Thatcher era – which translates as much as someone’s pulpit.” Mirror)