GEIGERRIG rig 700 Ballistic Hydration Backpack in the Test

After I could test the innovative reservoir of GEIGERRIG some time ago already, now also a test pattern of the appropriate hydration backpack found its way to me. GEIGERRIG manufactures not only the reservoir itself, but offer also a whole range of different backpacks, which are specifically geared to your hydration system . Following my review with the rig 700 ballistic.

The rig 700 ballistic has less than 11.5 litres capacity and comes with a 2 litre hydration bladder included. The special GEIGERRIG hydration system is perfectly integrated. This as you know has a printing system that allows to spray the water out of the mouth piece of the drinking hose out. To build up pressure, an additional hose with pressure ball is attached to the reservoir. When the rig 700 the hoses will be led through an opening on the left and the right shoulder, while the inflation bulb in a custom-fit bracket on the shoulder belt disappears. Thanks to the quick-release valves on the drinking tube and the pump, you can simply remove the reservoir and fill up without having to solve the hoses from the backpack . The sliding clasp ensures a simple refilling, cleaning and drying of the reservoir.

Specifically to the functioning of the innovative GEIGERRIG hydration system, there are more details in this post.

The main compartment of the bag is easily accessible via a large opening front with double zipper. A further, somewhat narrower access is further and applied to the back and is probably used for removing the reservoir when fully packed backpack. Two mesh pockets with zipper on the outside of a water-resistant compartment for your iPod is located on the inside of the front according to Aparentingblog. Unfortunately, there is no stretchy side pockets, but PVC-reinforced compression straps, as well as a large, sturdy carrying handle.

Speaking of robust, the rig 700 ballistic consists, as the name it suggests, 100% ballistic nylon. This is highly resistant, but unfortunately also not a lightweight fabric. Thus, the rig 700 weighs completely just 1.3 kg. It’s pretty much for a small hydration Pack. But as I said, the backpack makes a very robust, high-quality impression General.


The rig 700 sits comfortably on the back and has a fairly well-functioning ventilation. The additional tube interferes with the pressure ball while wearing in any way and the spray function the GEIGERRIG hydration system works as usual. The mouth valve holds tight and does not drip. The two quick release valves on the reservoir proved to very practical quick take out and filling.

Also the large opening of the main compartment as well as the internal mesh pockets for small items is convenient. But even lateral stretch missed bags to have E.g. the camera quickly at hand.


The rig 700 ballistic is ideally matched to the innovative hydration system by GEIGERRIG. This hydration Pack the focus is primarily on ruggedness was focused and not so much on weight. Still feels quite pleasantly on smaller trips rig 700 and offers 2 litre hydration bladder in addition to a sufficient storage space for the basic necessities.

Although not really cheap is the rig 700 ballistic with a RRP of 129 euros , is also equivalent to a complete hydration system (EIA just 55 euro) supplied. However, you can make a real bargain at present:


Still a promotion at where you get with the coupon code drinking – 50 H whopping 50% discount on all GEIGERRIG hydration backpacks runs up to the 31.07.2013! So cost of the rig 700 ballistic only still just time 64.50 euros presented by me.


GEIGERRIG 700 Ballistic Pack Test Report by Christopher …

GEIGERRIG 700 Ballistic Pack Test Report by Christopher ...