Food is known as the set of food substances that are eaten and drunk to survive. When ingested, food provides elements for the nutrition of the living organism.

The people make several meals a day. Their content and number will vary according to a series of social, cultural, seasonal and geographical factors. The most common meals are breakfast (it is done after sleeping at night), lunch (at noon), snack (mid-afternoon) and dinner (in the evening, it is usually the last meal of the day).

Beyond the four meals mentioned, which are recommended by nutritionists, other intakes, as an appetizer (consumed before lunch or dinner) and snacks, refreshments or snacks (light meals with no fixed schedule).

Main meals (lunch and dinner) are usually composed of a entry or starter (cold or hot as a stiff or soup) a main course or main course (usually hot and contain more content than input) and a dessert (a sweet dish).

It is important to emphasize that when talking about food from a culinary point of view it is necessary that we account for the use of a series of terms that we use on a daily basis in our vocabulary and that revolve around it. Thus, for example, there is the so-called fast food which is one that, as its name suggests, is made immediately and is also consumed equally quickly.

Burgers, for example, are one of the most widespread fast foods and many people go to them not only because they like them but also because of the fact that being prepared so quickly allows them to eat at times when they are in a very tight time. They have an important appointment or have a very short break at work to have lunch.

Many are the establishments that specialize in this type of food and they all have in common the fact that they do not have table service, they lack waiters, it is the customers who pick up their own tables and they also have to queue to be able to buy and get your order.

Pizzas, tacos, sandwiches, kebap, burritos, quesadillas or french fries are other products that are also included in what we call fast food.

Likewise, we cannot ignore the existence of what is known as home delivery. In this case, under this denomination there are establishments that receive their customers’ orders via telephone or Internet and take them directly to their homes.

In addition to the food itself, it is known as food for the action of eating (“The meal with my boss lasted more than two hours”) and the meeting of people for lunch or dinner (“Next week I have a meal with some friends who come from the inside ”).

It should be noted that gastronomy is the discipline that studies man’s relationship with food and its environment. On the other hand, there are countless recipes with various preparations for food.