FELLIPE Krein Presents Amazon Charms Collection For The 2015 Winter

The brand Fellipe Krein prepared a warm winter for 2015, the collection has 389 pieces between models of handbags, wallets and belts. A line designed especially for the woman who is independent, sophisticated and contemporary on a trip down the Amazon, including fauna and flora that are inspiring elements of the mood of the products. The actress Paloma Bernardi was elected for the second time the star of the campaign, beautiful and sexy by following the spirit of the theme.

As inspiration for the station brought the magic of Krein Fellipe colors, nature, culture and beauty of Brazilian roots, also trends present in your DNA, in a collection full of details.

The color transitions between the vibrant shades like yellow-star fruit, bananas and Canary, reaching Earth – annatto and BlackBerry, to the deepest blue-Indigo and marine environment. Neutrals include much of the collection, represented by the off-white, nude, straw and cupuaçu, until the hot and cold ash, in addition to the classic Brown-chestnut, caramel and coffee, ending with the elegance of black.

About the shapes, the bet is the medium, as well as handbags totes, bowlings and messengers small and medium. The P-size handbags and the bucket bag.

To accompany the Amazon brand drafted mood pieces with leather animal print prints by-Tapirus, Cheetah and Leopard, all developed exclusively for the brand, and also in Crôco, tilapia, as well as ethnic-inspired laser and the Monogram FK in canvas and jacquard. The lining that translates all the inspiration of the collection illustrated with animal print and ethnic mix.

The pieces are worked in synthetic material and finishes with options in tressê, embossed, matelasse, laser recordings with ethnic design and contrasting edge paintings.

The Fellipe Krein also has a line of accessories, with options of wallets, card holders, Chequebook holders and belts to complement the collection. The marks range from R to R $250.00 $400.00.

The 2015 winter collection Fellipe Krein-Amazonian Charms comes to the brand concept store in Shopping Anália Franco in São Paulo and in Brazil, across the lines from the month of March.