FELLIPE Krein Bet In Bowling Bags

The scholarships bau are the next must-have for the summer 2016. Thinking about it, Fellipe Krein has prepared a selection for consumers join the sets.

A curiosity is the bowlings has this name because they were used to keep bowling balls. In fashion is a case of a utility that became a trend.

Models with rounded shape and rigid structure, resembling the baus have been eternalized with the image of the actress Audrey Hepburn, the famous “breakfast at Tiffany’s”. She reappeared in the hands of Carla Bruni, recognized for the elegance, and several other iconic figures of sets that use the classic accessory.

The Fellipe Krein brought to the next station, bowling bags, models with texture of Tilapia, in vibrant tones, as the station, or with the Monogram FK.

Highlighting the row FK POP, young brand series, which features the Monogram print leaked, warm colors to make the daily life more fun and application of tacks.

The color transitions between red, Orange, green, yellow, and will even classics such as Brown, black and white.

The bowling bags are sophisticated, but at the same time practical and easy to use. Is a bag with personality, but timeless.