Email Marketing Explanations

As a B2B small business owner, you shouldn’t be without email marketing. Personalized e-mails can strengthen the building of trust – and they are also inexpensive. With our top 5 e-mail marketing tips, you are ready for electronic customer communication.

What is Email Marketing?

According to Abbreviationfinder, direct e-mail marketing is the term used to describe digital communication with the target group in two ways: newsletters or mailings . You can achieve different goals with email marketing. For example: strengthening the bond with existing customers, winning new customers or communicating current offers.

Before you start emailing, however, you should know the difference between the different types of email marketing: Mailings are sent out irregularly . They are used to advertise current promotions, products or offers.

If, on the other hand, you want to do newsletter marketing, you have to find a regular dispatch rhythm . Depending on the capacity of your company, this could be once a week or once a month, for example. In your newsletter you inform certain customer groups, for example, about the latest from your company – this increases trust and customer loyalty.

The 5 Email Marketing Tips

If you take note of the following tips, the start of your email marketing will be a success:

  1. Choose the right system
    The be-all and end-all of your mailing and newsletter marketing is choosing the right system. Check whether the system complies with the guidelines of the new GDPR ( basic data protection agreement ) and has functions for double opt-in. Also pay attention to an automated report as well as registration and cancellation functions . The systems Cleverreach and Newsletter2Go are recommended for this.
  2. Note the double opt-in!
    First, what is a double opt-in? According to the requirements of the GDPR , the user may only receive information by email if he has consented to this voluntarily. To ensure this, the double opt-in procedure is suitable: after entering the contact details on your website, the user receives a confirmation link by email . He only confirms his consent by clicking – and only then can you send him newsletters and mailings.
  3. Segment your address list!
    E-mail marketing thrives on customer-related content. Therefore, divide your distribution list into subgroups. This can be, for example:Existing customers, partners, acquisition customers, … This is how you ensure that each user only receives the information that is relevant to him – and the unsubscribe rate remains low.
  4. Choose the right frequency and time for sending newsletters!
    Weekly or Monthly? Quality takes precedence over quantity here. Choose the number of newsletters based on the content you can offer. One newsletter per month is usually sufficient as long as you fill it with valuable content. In contrast, a large number of emails that do not offer any added value are quickly banned from the mailbox by the user. Also important: regularity! Your recipient must be able to rely on the appearance. Therefore, create an editorial plan with a clear time structure.

In addition: not only frequency, but also sending time are decisive for the success of your e-mails. A / B tests tell you when your target group is most receptive to mailings or newsletters: in the morning, at noon, in the evening – or on the weekend?

  1. Content is king – also for your emails!
    The catchphrase: added value! Advertising e-mails bring only one thing to newsletters and the like: lots of unsubscribes. If you want to build trust and increase customer loyalty, this can only be achieved with interesting content . Email marketing and content marketing are therefore closely related. Write about the latest in the company or new technologies and trends in the industry – the reader should feel informed afterwards, not robbed of their time.

Here you can read how to design the perfect subject line for your email marketing – the recipe for success for better open rates!

We have even more tips! We would be happy to help you set up successful email marketing – contact us at any time.

What is Email Marketing