Desiderius Bags Stand for Freedom and Individuality

Today I want to imagine again a new brand, which we have recently added to our range. It’s the young label Desiderius of Speyer. Claim of the brand is that the bags for freedom and individuality. Means: these bags should be worn and serve not only as a vision problem or collector’s items.

The name derives from the Latin and means as much as desire and longing. The pockets should precisely these wishes and desires and unforgettable moments prepare their wearers. Desiderius’s credo is to design bags that meet the needs of their vehicles and can therefore also be used. A good bag can be compared with a good wine. They developed their qualities with the time and WINS their individual character by the vintage look.

Only high quality materials are used, the design is based on the spirit of the times. The designers are very experimental and so the Desiderius bags always be a new face.

With us, beautiful Desiderius waiting to be adopted and freed from the dark corners of our camp bags from you. Available options are antelope, a super stylish clutch in Black or Red, as well as Mount Etna in Red and in cognac. The Desideriues product range is rounded off by fly, Kibo , and Francesco. Conclusion: Beautiful bags that meet their quest for freedom and individuality in any case.