Cruise 2011 Collection of Jimmy Choo, a Sea of Luxury Accessories

I just saw all the Cruise 2011 to Jimmy Choo collection It offers for your holidays in the Caribbean and is overwhelming: a very complete assortment of sandals, bags, wallets of hands and accessories. You must attend all the dinners and events to be able to look the different looks cruise that you have.

When choosing, the official website of the designer it is very easy to use and I really like the multiple choices that you have: according to the times, the type of accessory, the heels or the classification according to the material of manufacturing their items. You is a guide.

I have selected three models of shoes with heels (top photo) to carry at night although the catalog selection is much broader in styles. The Fuchsia boot with the detail of the loop on the heel fabric is all glamour. Lime flashy for the more daring and the bounty of summer model with transparency of lace for the most chic.

In my selection of handbags and evening bag have been more disparate. Have called me attention the short handle bag with stars of colors applied: the Claus model. If you ever thought about to celebrate Christmas or new year’s Eve in the tropics, I find it ideal for the occasion.

As portfolio of hands and other possibilities evening handbags, There are models to suit tastes and colors. Of the Centre in the photo above, with the wake white breaking the black night, seems so original and elegant. There is one of the same color by the way lima flashy and Fuchsia to the high heels, game.

I’ve started commenting I night accessories because I already started the post thinking in Parties and dinners on a luxury yacht. Here come that you need for your look of the day

The Resort 2011 collection is varied day shoe. From Gladiator sandals to boots, high heel leather patent leather, a host of different levels of heel platforms. Seems to Cork and esparto as material for these heels from us leaving, nor the Python skin ready to disappear.

I do not usually carry flat sandals because escuentro not models who like me. But in this collection there are precious and original designs as that you see in the picture in silver leather.

These three models of bag are for the day. They follow the metallic trim as buckles and zippers. I have chosen summer colors but also will find black and brown tones. As a final touch, a must-have for shelter from the sea breeze with style: the foulard of silk. Both prints and the smooth are very combinable. Knotted around the neck or as a head of chic headband, It is a feminine accessory that gives much play. An unforgettable cruise outlet.