Crawford County, Arkansas

Crawford County, Arkansas is located in the northwest portion of the state and is bordered by Washington, Sebastian, Franklin, Johnson and Logan Counties. It has a population of 61,948 people as of 2020 and its county seat is Van Buren. The largest city in the county is Fort Smith with an estimated population of 87,650. See top counties in Arkansas.

The racial makeup of Crawford County was 82% White (non-Hispanic), 11% Black or African American (non-Hispanic), 1% Native American or Alaska Native (non-Hispanic), 2% Asian (non-Hispanic) and 4% from two or more races. Hispanics or Latinos make up 10% of the population. The median household income was $45,056 in 2019 with 16% living below the poverty line. The median age was 37 years old with a gender breakdown of 51% female and 49% male residents.

The labor force in Crawford County consists mainly of health care & social assistance (17%), retail trade (15%), manufacturing (13%), accommodation & food services (10%) and educational services (7%). The unemployment rate was 5.7 % as of August 2020 with job growth projected at 1%.

Crawford County has a diverse economy that includes agriculture, manufacturing and services. Agriculture plays an important role in the local economy with crops such as cotton, wheat, soybeans and hay being grown on many farms throughout the area. Manufacturing also contributes to the economy with companies such as Gerber Products Co., Fort Smith Foundry Co., Welspun Tubulars USA Inc., Bekaert Corp., Tyson Foods Inc., Pella Corp., Simmons Foods Inc., Frito Lay Inc., Conagra Brands Inc., Unilever U.S./Bestfoods North America LLC and Georgia Pacific Corp having facilities located in Crawford County. Additionally, there are several service businesses located throughout Crawford County providing goods and services to both locals and visitors alike including restaurants, hotels/motels/B&Bs, retail stores/outlets/malls/shopping centers, banks/credit unions/financial institutions etc…

In conclusion, Crawford County offers something for everyone whether you’re looking for a place to live or start a business. With its diverse economic opportunities ranging from agriculture to manufacturing to services, it’s no wonder why so many people have chosen to call this area home.

History of Crawford County, Arkansas

Crawford County, Arkansas is located in the northwest corner of the state and was established in 1820. It was named after William H. Crawford, who served as Secretary of War and Secretary of the Treasury under President James Madison. The county covers an area of 632 square miles and has a population of over 61,000 people.

The first settlers to Crawford County arrived in 1815 and began to establish homesteads along the Arkansas River. The first town, Van Buren, was founded in 1818 by Colonel Richard Kincaid and became the county seat when Crawford County was created two years later.

In 1821, Congress passed legislation authorizing construction of a military road from Fort Smith to Little Rock which ran through present-day Crawford County. This road allowed for easier transportation between Fort Smith and Little Rock which helped spur economic growth in the region during the 19th century.

During this time period, Crawford County saw an influx of settlers from all over the United States as well as immigrants from Germany and Ireland. Many farms were established throughout the county and cotton became one of its main crops. Other important industries included timber production, mining (coal and lead), manufacturing (textiles), as well as fruit orchards and cattle ranching.

During the Civil War, several battles were fought on Arkansas soil including at Pea Ridge in March 1862 which resulted in a Union victory that ended Confederate control over the state for good. In July 1863, Union forces captured Van Buren which brought an end to Confederate occupation in northern Arkansas for good. After Reconstruction ended in 1877, many African Americans left Crawford County due to racial tensions that still exist today even though they make up around 11% of its population today according to census data from 2019.

In recent decades Crawford County has become increasingly more diverse with Hispanics/Latinos making up 10% of its population according to 2019 census data with most coming from Mexico followed by Cuba and El Salvador amongst other countries. The economy is based mainly on agriculture (cotton, wheat, soybeans) as well as manufacturing (Gerber Products Co., Fort Smith Foundry Co., Welspun Tubulars USA Inc., Bekaert Corp.), retail trade (accommodation & food services), educational services (primary & secondary schools) health care & social assistance with job growth projected at 1%. As such it provides plenty of opportunities for those looking for employment or wishing to start their own business.

Major cities and towns in Crawford County, Arkansas

Crawford County, Arkansas is home to several major cities and towns, each with its own unique history and culture. The largest city in the county is Van Buren, which was founded in 1818 and has a population of 23,796. It served as the county seat for many years before it was moved to the city of Alma in 1876. Van Buren is known for its historic buildings, such as the Old Town Hall, which was built in 1872 and now serves as a museum. The city also hosts several festivals throughout the year including the annual Pea Ridge Reenactment which draws visitors from all over the state.

Alma is another major city in Crawford County and is located just north of Van Buren. It was established in 1850 and currently has a population of 4,967. Alma is known for its scenic downtown area along with its many historical buildings such as the Crawford County Courthouse which was built in 1914. Alma also hosts several annual events such as the Alma Crawfish Festival which takes place every April.

The town of Cedarville is located about 10 miles south of Van Buren and has a population of 1,317. This small town was founded in 1845 and quickly became an important center for cotton production during the 19th century due to its location on Highway 71 which connected Fort Smith to Little Rock. Today, Cedarville continues to be an important agricultural center while also offering visitors plenty of recreational opportunities at nearby Lake Fort Smith State Park or Devil’s Den State Park both within driving distance from Cedarville itself.

Mountainburg is another small town located in Crawford County with a population of 1,077 people according to 2019 census data. It was established in 1886 but didn’t become an official town until 1905 when it became incorporated by an act of legislature passed by then Governor Jeff Davis who later became president of Confederate States during Civil War era from 1861-1865. Mountainburg offers visitors plenty to do including exploring nearby caves or fishing at Lake Fort Smith State Park both within easy driving distance from Mountainburg itself.

The town of Dyer sits on Highway 71 between Van Buren and Cedarville with a population around 590 people according to 2019 census data. This small community was first settled back in 1837 by William Dyer who named it after his family name. The town has since grown into an important agricultural hub that produces mostly cotton, corn, soybeans, wheat, hay, sorghum, oats, beans, tomatoes, peppers, melons etc. In addition Dyer also provides access to nearby attractions such as Lake Fort Smith State Park where visitors can enjoy fishing or camping activities.

Finally, there’s Chester which sits about 8 miles northeast from Alma with around 696 people according to 2019 census data. This small community was first settled back in 1874 when it became incorporated by then Governor Elisha Baxter becoming one if not only one incorporated municipality at time within Crawford County boundaries. Chester offers visitors plenty of outdoor activities such as swimming or hiking trails at nearby Ozark National Forest along with access to nearby attractions like Devil’s Den State Park where visitors can enjoy camping or picnicking activities while admiring natural beauty surrounding area.

Population in Crawford County, Arkansas

Crawford County, Arkansas

According to Iamaccepted, Crawford County, Arkansas is home to a population of 61,948 people, according to the 2019 US Census. The majority of people living in the county are white (88%), followed by African American (8%), Hispanic or Latino (3%), and Asian (1%). The median age of residents is 39.3 years old, with a gender ratio of 49.7% female and 50.3% male. The median income for households is $42,364 per year with a poverty rate of 18%.

When it comes to education, Crawford County has an impressive record: nearly 90% of adults have at least a high school diploma or equivalent, and just over 15% have earned at least a bachelor’s degree. There are several higher education institutions located within the county including University of Arkansas-Fort Smith and John Brown University as well as several community colleges and technical schools. In terms of employment, the largest industries in Crawford County are manufacturing (18%), retail trade (14%), health care and social assistance (13%), and accommodation and food services (11%). The unemployment rate for the county is 3%, which is lower than both the national average unemployment rate as well as that of Arkansas overall.