Conspiracy Explanations

Originating in the Latin conspiracy, the concept of conspiracy refers to the act of conspiring (that is, allying with a superior to seize power or against an individual with the purpose of harming him). Said on a certain issue, conspiracy refers to reaching the same goal.

The idea of ​​conspiracy is usually linked, therefore, to the strategy that has the purpose of removing the power held by a subject. In this way, the conspiracy encompasses a set of acts carried out by different individuals to defeat the forces of the leader or sovereign.

The conspiracies of a political nature that seek to overthrow one government or other power known by the name of plot.

Among the most important political conspiracies in history, it should be noted, for example, the Gunpowder Conspiracy. In England, at the beginning of the seventeenth century, it was when the one that was concocted by a series of English Catholics took place and that consisted of the blowing up of the Houses of Parliament during the Opening of the State.

In this way, they would end the life of King James I and his entire family as well as that of the members of the Protestant aristocracy and that would mean that a Catholic monarch could reach the throne who would follow the dictates set by the Pope.

However, it must be stated that this aforementioned plot was discovered by the Government and was not carried out. Of course, the men who concocted that one were executed.

In the field of cinema, it must be stated that there are several films that revolve around the term that now occupies us. One of the best known is Conspiracy, from 1997, which stars Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts. It tells how Jerry, a Vietnam veteran who works as a taxi driver, has a series of ideas about government conspiracy theories that make people consider him crazy. One of those people who doubt his mental stability will be a lawyer named Alice, however, he will soon realize that perhaps there is a lot of truth behind his approaches.

This past year a film called The Conspiracy, directed by Robert Redford, was also released, which takes as its central axis the real plot that was concocted to put an end to the life of the President of the United States Abraham Lincoln.

On the other hand, it is interesting to highlight the existence of criminal conspiracies, which involve an agreement between two or more people to break the law. In this case, the injured party is usually a third individual or a company.

It should be noted that conspiracy theories are those that seek to explain an event that has already occurred or is about to happen based on alleged circumstances that are hidden from public opinion. Of course, conspiracy theories are looked down upon and denied by those accused of hiding the truth.

The concealment of extraterrestrial phenomena is one of the most common conspiracy theories, which indicates that NASA or the US government have evidence of life on other planets but hide it for political reasons.

Another conspiracy theory indicates that the attacks that took place on September 11, 2001, were promoted by the George W. Bush administration as a pretext to begin the military attack in both Afghanistan and Iraq and, in this way, strengthen its mandate.