Commitment Explanations

What is Commitment?

Commitment is an obligation, given word . Also, it is a difficult, uncomfortable, embarrassing or delicate situation , for example: “I am in a compromise, I must ask for some days off and I still do not have confidence in my boss.” The term commitment is of Latin origin ” compromissum “, this verb has been formed with the preposition “cum” which means “with” and the adjective “promissus “.

The term commitment can be used in different contexts such as: in the law, in the workplace, in relationships, in friendship, and every day of our lives.

The term commitment can be used as a synonym for: obligation, contract, duty, agreement, therefore, commitment is a type of agreement that can be considered as an unwritten contract in which the parties assume certain obligations or, acquire responsibilities, in this sense the human being every day undertakes responsibilities from the simplest to the most complex and, the commitment or obligation to fulfill them as a result of their assent.

In the same way, the commitment is a marriage promise , that the future spouses make in order to contract nuptials in the future, acquiring the responsibility or the commitment to take care of all aspects of a relationship, as well as respect, keep the flame of love and, be in good times and bad with the person who decided to marry.

In a family, there are different types of commitments, for example: whoever decides to be parents acquires the commitment to educate them, love them, guide them and provide them with the different means that are indispensable to subsist, in turn, the children with the parents They must respect them, love them and do everything that their parents demand for their good. In the labor field, employees acquire the intellectual, emotional and hard physical commitment in order to achieve the success of the company among all, in turn, employers must offer security, satisfaction and a good salary to motivate your employees to do their best.

In the field of law, commitment or arbitration clause, it is a stipulation established in the contract in which the parties agree to submit to arbitration in the event of any breach by any of the parties or discrepancies in the interpretation of the contract or testament or any other controversy that may arise between the parties.

All citizens of a nation must comply with certain civic or social commitments such as: respect and compliance with the legal system that the nation has, respect for other citizens, not disturb others, meet the standards of good listener and speaking, preserving and maintaining the environment, all in order to live in order and in harmony with the community.

Likewise, the ethical commitment is a contract that the man himself establishes to achieve personal and community improvement in relation to the profession, performance or activity that he performs, that is why we can find codes of ethics for the doctor, the lawyer, etc. since The activities carried out under his profession must be covered with ethics and professionalism that makes him worthy and respectful of his profession and of those who are cared for by them.

The phrase “without obligation” refers to the person who has no obligation and has no marriage commitment, for example: “you can use my car without obligation” “she is single and without commitment”.

The antonyms of the word commitment are: disagreement, apology, ease, foresight, among others.

Commitment as a value

Personal commitment is a value of utmost importance since it is one that allows the human being to achieve his goals or successes, acquiring a full happiness. The commitment makes the mind and the human being work hard to achieve what is proposed, overcoming any obstacles that arise on the way to your goal, the achievement of your goals can be 1 second as a lifetime but the important thing is to fulfill the commitment or responsibility that you acquired without leaving aside or forgetting your obligation.

Commitment is the value that must exist accompanied by others to achieve everything that the individual considers, is to plan the path or process that must be fulfilled by himself to achieve his goal accompanied by constant work. Commitment is a value that allows you and leads you to live the life you want combined with the will of the individual to fulfill it.

What is Commitment