Commission Explanations

From the Latin commissĭo, commission is a term with various uses and meanings. It may be the act of committing (incurring a fault or fault, assigning functions to another person). For example: “The commission of such a crime must be punished to the full weight of the law”, “The accused was found guilty of the commission of outrageous abuse.

The concept is also used to name the order and power that one subject grants to another to carry out a certain order or carry out a business. The commission itself and the percentage that the agent receives for the business or sales are called the commission: “I congratulate you, Jorge: tomorrow I will pay you the five hundred dollar commission for the operation you managed to complete”, “My husband charges a fixed salary and commissions for sale ”, “ I am furious with the company since they still owe me a commission from last month ”.

On the other hand, we would have to make clear the existence of a very significant entity at the international level. We are referring to what is known as the European Commission, one of the most important bodies within the European Union, which is in charge not only of carrying out the proposals for new laws but also of proceeding to apply the decisions that have been agreed.

Therefore, we can establish that it represents the executive part of the EU and that it is made up of 28 people, one for each of the countries that are considered member states of the aforementioned European Union. Among all those there is one who is in charge of occupying the position of president, and this is granted by the European Parliament, after having received a proposal from the European Council.

Cabinets, general directorates, executive agencies and a general secretariat are some of the bodies that this European Commission has to be able to carry out all the actions that correspond to it.

A commission, on the other hand, is the group of people who, commissioned by the law or an authority, exercise certain powers on a permanent basis or to understand certain matters: “The investigative commission will travel to Bern to follow the money trail that he would have left the country illegally ”, “ I am going to institute a commission to analyze investment projects ”, “ The Permanent Human Rights Commission denounced fourteen irregular arrests during the month ”.

Likewise, we cannot forget the existence of what is known as a commission of inquiry. It is a body that is created in parliaments and whose clear objective is to carry out the study and analysis of certain situations or events that are of public interest and that have great value. Thus, for example, in Spain a recent one has been carried out on the actions and falls of certain banking entities.

The parliamentary commission, finally, is the working group should discuss and report on bills or issues under the treatment of the Parliament or Congress.