Commercial Explanations

Commercial is an adjective that refers to things related to commerce or people who are dedicated to buying and / or selling goods or services. The term commerce, for its part, can refer to this activity or the physical space where it takes place.

For example: “My parents carry out a commercial activity”, “Yesterday I received a commercial call where they offered me a trip to the Caribbean at a promotional price”, “The rent of commercial premises is every day more expensive”.

In its adjectival form, as can be seen, it allows the creation of various concepts. It is possible to speak, in this way, of commercial aviation (the air transport of goods) and of commercial agent (the person who works specifying sales actions), to cite two cases. The trade or trade balance, on the other hand, is the balance that compares the results of the import and export of products in a given country. The commercial name, on the other hand, is that denomination that allows to distinguish a brand or a product.

In some Spanish-speaking countries, a shopping center is a building where there are numerous stores of various categories, offering its customers textile, recreational and food products, as well as forms of entertainment through movie theaters, bowling alleys and tables. of pool. In Argentina, for example, it is called “shopping”, which comes from the full name in English “shopping-center” or “shopping-mall.”

In a less technical context, the term has taken on a negative tinge, as it is generally used to label artistic works that were created for the mere purpose of making money. One area where this use is often made is music, speaking of those figures of questioned talent that have emerged since the mid-1990’s.

As a noun, a commercial is an advertisement or an advertisement that conveys a message aimed at attracting buyers or users. Commercials, in this sense, are broadcast in the media such as television, radio or newspapers. The characteristics of these media determine what the ad will look like (if it includes images, sounds, videos, etc.). At a general level, it can be said that the components of a commercial are the name of what you want to promote, a slogan or slogan and a description.

There are numerous contests in many parts of the world that reward creativity and innovation in commercials or advertising, encouraging freelancers to turn their ideas, often shelved due to lack of resources or support, into finished productions. And it is that these creations, whether printed or filmed, should not be underestimated, since many of them have known how to promote equality, acceptance, creativity, freedom, while still effectively presenting the product or service they aimed at in first place.

In Spain, another meaning makes this word synonymous with seller, referring especially to people who offer products or services in street stalls or visiting potential customers at home. Again, the term is viewed with a certain suspicion, especially because of the poor working conditions that these workers must deal with.