Collection Daligramme of Lancel, Bags with Monogram of Dali Symbols

Although it was not the only surrealist artist, Dali is the universal representative of surrealism. He and Gala, his spouse and his muse, are the inspiration for the Lancel Daligramme collection, a very special collection of bags.

Brown Jacquard canvas and the dalinian symbols colour ivory are the call sign element of new bags and clutch of Lancel, a tribute to the life of one of modern history’s most iconic couples.

The French brand of Luxury Leather He chose forms of bag more representative of their collections and they have made with this exclusive canvas, always under the eye supervisor of the Gala-Salvador DalĂ­ Foundation.

Symbols represent initial and icons, the D of Dali, Gala, the power of the sovereign Crown G, one of the S represents the hippocampus. All them is added the stylized L of Lancel.

Another imaginative detail are the names of the bags. The first is my favorite bag, DaliGala. The second is the Dalidol in limited edition with the handle in the form of bike chain.

If you consult the web officer and the information provided by you will see them all under a new perspective. Them find all fantastic, by the way, by skin finishes and interior lined in Orange You vislumbráis in the photo above, the Dalifun model.