CEO, CFO and COO Explanations

You used to be a managing director or head of human resources, but today executives borrow English job titles. But what do these abbreviations such as CEO, CFO or CCO actually mean and what are the tasks of the people behind these titles? GIGA explains the titles and the positions behind them.

In every larger company, the “CCM” is an important man, because without him there is no perspective. The “Crystal Clearance Manager” used to be called just the window cleaner, but his job is still the same. This also applies to people who hold titles such as CEO, CFO, COO or CCO today. So that you can understand which positions are meant by this, we have summarized them for you in a table.

In GTA at least everyone can rise to CEO:

The importance of CEO, CFO and COO

According to abbreviationfinder, the abbreviations stand for English-language titles and they have meanwhile established themselves as a useful explanation for the tasks of a manager. The idea behind this is to be able to identify oneself as the responsible contact person in international business operations.

In the following table we would like to explain the meaning of common title abbreviations.

Abbreviation & Title meaning
CEO: Chief Executive Officer The CEO is the leading position of a company. In smaller companies they might still be called “managing directors”. Larger companies also speak of the chairman of the board or the director.
CFO: Chief Financial Officer The CFO is the “boss of money”. As CFO of an AG, he is the administrator of the finances of a company.
COO: Chief Operating Officer A COO takes care of the operational management of day-to-day business. For example, he monitors production processes and has to manage resources and staff.
Usually that’s the job of the CEO as well, but sometimes it’s shared.
CTO: Chief Technology Officer The CTO oversees the Group’s technical developments and was formerly known as the “Technical Director”. In manufacturing companies he is responsible for product development.
CCO: Chief Creative Officer A CCO is the company’s chief marketing officer and is responsible for all communications that go out to the outside world. He decides on the advertising, the various promotions or the website. Further explanations on the COO are below.

This is a general explanation of commonly used abbreviations. What is really meant by a designation only becomes clear through the full title. This can be seen clearly in the example of the “CCO”. Depending on the company and the position of the employee in the company, the designation can mean the following:

  • Chief Commercial Officer (Partner and Business Relations)
  • Chief Communications Officer (Public Relations and Communications Department)
  • Chief Compliance Officer (Compliance-Bereich)
  • Chief Content Officer (Programmgestaltung)
  • Chief Creative Officer (Marketing Division)

CEO as a trend at TikTok and Co?

At TikTok, “CEO of…” is trending in the comments. Users give this title to various streamers whose videos they particularly liked. What you become CEO of usually depends on the topic of the video.

So if you refer to someone in a comment as “CEO of Soup”, we can translate that as “master of soups”.

CEO, CFO and COO Explanations