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How To Use The Appropriate Bag To The Right Time. Most Women Have More Than One Model Of Scholarship In […]

How to use the appropriate bag to the right time. Most women have more of a model of bag in the closet. Some come to change one or two times a day, depending on the commitment. But for this it is important to note the model, the need and the time of day, as this accessory can either highlight as a visual. The latest fashion is the bag with TV. What do you mean?! The Bagtv, a woman’s handbag which is the latest hi-tech. She has an LCD screen that allows you to run DVD movies, videos in mpeg or display photos while parades through the city. The bag has a 7-inch transparent screen, with a resolution of 720 × 480 pixels, where displays pictures and videos transferred via the USB port or SD card. The battery has a range of up to 2 and a half hours of playback. The product site offers some extra accessories, such as a remote control, sold separately. The Bagtv is available in various colors, and if you want to ensure your — get ready to shell out £295 (approximately R $1031). But outside the fashion extravaganzas check below the worth knowing about what to use:-Maxi-bag suitable for use during the day. Carries everything! -Purse-wallet Ideal for the woman who wants to have fun at night. Fits only the necessary keys, lipstick and cell phone:. -Average Model goes from day to night, quietly. Not only can be jam-packed, which is unsightly. -Soft or Casual bag type, match day.-rigid models and with specific format Purchase to go out at night, when you need a larger space. Note: Notice the height of the stock market. Ideally, she gets only to the waist or hip height. Below that, she flattened the silhouette. Models with short handles enhance the aesthetics, especially for the little ones. Last word Invest in synthetic fabrics, which are valued by both the environmental issue as being more accessible. Many brands offer options with excellent finishing.