Bag with Bulldog Motif – Fresh in Trend

Time and again, the fashion reaches out to different trend motifs, which develop into a real must-have. Animals are very popular here, but they are very charming as motifs. While it was a long time especially the mops, which was on many fashion pieces to see, it is now the French Bulldog, whose snout grabs beside clothes above all pockets.

The transition from mops to the bulldogge as a trend motif is fluid. Both dogs are characterized by their compact size, their short snout and their fluffy, droll appearance. There is currently no getting around the burly little dogs, so a bag with bulldogge should name any passionate fashionista.

The wide variety of bags with bulldog motif
The bag with bulldogge you find on the one hand with comic-like imprint, as well with real motif, so a photo of a real French Bulldog. The bag with a French bulldog should not only appeal to dog lovers and fans of this kuller-eyed dog breed, but also to all women who prefer the extraordinary in their accessories for school, university or office. One thing is certain for a handbag with bulldogge: it becomes a striking eyevatcher in your look and should therefore be worn as a statement piece. That is, if you decide to buy a French Bulldog bag, the other accessories should be chosen rather conservatively. The Bulldogg motif stands as an eye-catcher alone and can even upgrade an otherwise discreet outfit with a playful note. With other motives bite it should not be better, otherwise the outfit quickly overloaded or even kitschy.

Not only girls should fall in love with such a bag with a cute bulldog motive. Ladies also succumb quickly to the charms of these creatively and detailed designed bags. According to Trophydresses, the fact that such an extravagantly designed accessory is carried with a little wink is self-evident. But you do not have to fear that a bag with a bulldog motif per se cheesy. Not at all. Many of the shoulder and shoulder bags as well as shoppers are very tastefully designed and the motif as a refined accent has been harmoniously incorporated into the pocket design.

The bag French Bulldogge is the trend
If you take a closer look at the variety of motifs, you will notice that every bulldogge has been put into the scene as an ornament on the pockets. As unique as any Bulldogge itself is, the selection of motifs, for which you can decide. How about a French Bulldog lying on the ground, whose bubbling bubblers seem to be listening intently, while she looks at you from below with her faithful eyes? Or should your bulldogge be equipped with fun accessories? Again, the designers have become very creative. Sometimes the puppy wears a sun hat, another time a cool sunglasses or a sparkling crown. Beads, glitter or a 3D collar often round off the designs. The Bulldogge motif can be imprinted, embroidered or patched according to the model.

Bag with French Bulldogge as a gift idea for dog friends
Maybe you’re still looking for an exceptional gift for your best friend? If she is open to new trends and may even like cute dogs, then you are right with a handbag with bulldogge. The nice thing is that she can use this gift every day, as a companion to the university, to the office or to the school. If you do not want to go straight to the full as far as intense colors like green, blue or red, you can also opt for a bag with bulldogge in monochrome look. With black and white one is fashionably never wrong and when a nice dog decorates the bag, this fashionable gift is sure to bring joy.

A bag with bulldogge for each wearing occasion
The selection of bags with bulldog motif is very varied for ladies and girls. Not only in terms of the subject itself, but also the design of the bag. A shoulder bag with French Bulldog proves to be very practical here for university and school, if you want to carry documents with you, but also gladly the hands free. A sufficiently long shoulder strap allows you to comfortably carry your bag and carry it across the upper body. A handbag with a bulldogge is usually a bit more compact, has shorter handles and usually also a longer shoulder strap for hanging, but can often be removed if necessary. Such a bag with Bulldogge in the A4 format is your stylish companion in the everyday life, whether for shopping, to the Kinobesuch or when it goes to the bar in the evening. And of course, there is also the real place miracle with bulldog motif. The shopper should not be missing if you want to carry a lot with you, whether for shopping, for sports or if you want to spend a day at the beach.

You are also welcome to choose a bag with a French Bulldogge. Taupe, black and gray are decent background colors, which are the right choice if you want to leave alone on the Bulldoggen motif as an eye-catcher and do not want to let the pocket color optically out. For the fashionable ladies, however, there is no limit on the color scale. Pink, green, blue, red, both in the pocket and the motif color, you can go right here in the full. Because if you decide for an extravagant motive like the French Bulldogge, why not choose the entire bag as a work of art?

Create your own French Bulldogg as a motif
Are you proud of a sweet French Bulldogge? Why not use your own dog as a motif template. Instead of carrying your dog in your pocket, you can immortalize it instead on your bag. For this purpose, several vendors can be found online, which print your favorite image of your bulldogge on a bag of your choice. Most of the time, you can choose from a variety of bag designs, such as shoulder bags, shoppers or shoulder bags. In this way, a really personalized style will be added from a current trend. And your dog should feel flattered to be part of your new favorite accessory.