Backpack Encyclopedia

A backpack is a bag that by a system of shoulder straps and possibly a hip carry belt can be worn on the back and the hip. Backpacks are available on in many sizes and the smaller is used largely for school bags, to transport belongings while traveling as intervals and at outdoor sports like hiking. Sustainable systems on modern technical backpacks developed by scientific studies and tests of Anatomy, weight distribution and wearing comfort. A backpack can be used for equipment on a hiking and owned by both men and women.

There are many different types and brands of backpack, qualities and price levels. Backpacks are available in all sizes for different purposes. That is just from the smaller day touring backpacks at 10-55 l, to the slightly larger at 40-90, up to 135 liter military and expedition backpacks. When a backpack is 70 + 20 liters, it means that the lid can be delayed, and can accommodate extra 20 liters. (10 cubic centimeters).

The most common ergonomic or anatomical backpacks are backpacks. That is to say, wearing system is built into the very inside with different padding for the back and loin. Shoulder straps and hip belt wear is also shaped “standard” after the human anatomy. Here is wearing comfort in mind. All well-known brands have their own suspension system, so it is up to each individual what works optimally and fits spine and hips. A brand offers customization of hip carry strap. However, you can still get a backpack, the classic bags, where the bag sits anxiously on a heavy aluminum frame. It is available today mostly as the largest backpack types, because the outer frame is best to wear heavy and shapeless thing.

Most newer backpacks can be adjusted according to back length, and there are special designed for children, women and men. Children’s backpacks fits back length and children are not just small adult sacks. Female models are usually shorter in the back than the models for men, form-cut hip carry belt and shoulder straps to suit the female anatomy – breast, narrower shoulders and wider hips. Women’s backpacks has more often than not, even if it is the same model, a bit less than that of men, since women liters capacity generally should not carry just as much as men. But women often takes more with due to hygiene etc.

Choice of Backpacks

It is the turn of more than two-three days must be at least 50 backpack l. A backpack weighs approximately ¼ of the entire Pack. Its user gets insight and experience with the use of the backpack. When buying a backpack, so ask for a packed, so it is easier to determine what feels right. Most specialty stores have the service.

Backpack Details

Most quality backpacks are made of sturdy, lightweight polyester or/and nylon products. The many marks detail names can confuse, but are simply names for almost the same thing. Most large backpacks with zipper has two main compartments. The lower compartment for sleeping bag and small items that can be pressed into. Top compartment is to rest. Some of the major also zipper down the side, so it should be easier to package them. In addition, the little touches that will be expensive. Backpacks in itself is heavy, and additional equipment gets them to weigh significantly more. Learn more about backpack with Wikepedia.

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